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Pro-Gun Republican Wins CT District for First Time in 40 Years


Although Democrats and progressives have claimed politicians who oppose gun control will lose their offices at the hands of angry, pro-gun control Americans in coming elections, a pro-gun Republican just won in Connecticut. It is the first time a Republican has held the seat in 40 years.

Samuel Belsito won the Connecticut State Legislature’s 53rd District in a special election to replace Democrat representative Bryan Hurlburt.

Belsito’s election runs 100% counter to the argument that pro-gun positions will hurt politicians. For example, Belsito won although he made it clear he would have opposed the recent body of gun control legislation that passed in Connecticut.

In fact, the pro-gun control sentiment is at such a low ebb that Belsito’s Democrat opponent Anthony Horn said he would have voted “no” on the gun control legislation as well.

Nevertheless, voters chose the Republican, and it’s the first time in 40 years that voters in that district have done so.

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