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Hollywood Honors Elmo Puppeteer (and Accused Child Sex-Abuser) With Three Emmy Awards


It’s official: the Hollywood elite has zero moral authority in attacking  sexual abuse of minors that occurred decades ago in the Catholic Church. This  weekend, the voters of the Daytime Emmy awards granted three Emmys to Clash,  including the trophy for Outstanding Performer In a Children’s Series to Kevin  Clash, recently accused of serial sexual pursuit of teenaged boys.
AP  reported it, and recycled the claim: “Clash’s lawyer has said that related  lawsuits filed against the entertainer are without merit.” They quoted no one  attacking the Emmy voters or Clash for their lack of morality.

Clash shared trophies for outstanding pre-school children’s series and  directing in a children’s series with a “Sesame Street” team. One might try to  argue that it’s unfair to punish the other puppeteers for Clash’s behavior, but  the Emmy voters singled him out for glory and honor.
Clash in facing  three lawsuits that accuse him of luring underage boys into sexual relationships  (through Internet chat rooms), plying them with money, gifts and even drugs and  alcohol.
AP did not make room for the recent New  York Post report that earlier in the month, Clash’s lawyer “urged a judge to  toss the suits, claiming they’re barred by a statute of limitations that gave  the plaintiffs three years to file once they turned 18 — a deadline they all  failed to meet.”
How would the anti-Catholic lobby in the media deal with  that kind of move to protect a sex abuser?

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