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NDP want Senate Abolished – Trudeau welcomes Corrupt Senator

One motion, from NDP Treasury Board critic Mathieu Ravignat, calls on the government to cut all funding to the red chamber on Canada Day, making it impossible for the Senate to operate.
A second motion, from NDP MP Pat Martin, will call on the government to cut $58-million in program funding to the Senate, removing that spending from the main estimates, which lay out how much the government expects to spend in a given fiscal year. Martin has attempted to cut funding to the Senate in previous years to no avail.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau vowed to welcome embattled Sen. Mac Harb back into the party once his spending woes are resolved, and described his indiscretions as being quite different from those of fellow senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin.
In an interview with Global TV’s The West Block on Sunday, Trudeau said he would “absolutely” welcome Harb back once he “balances” his books, and went on to note that he and former Conservative Patrick Brazeau’s misspending was “more of an honest mistake or a misunderstanding of the rules.”
That said, if the RCMP now investigating the spending scandal finds a bigger problem, Trudeau said there could be “stiffer consequences.”