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RCMP’s high-handedness in High River reveals gun confiscation agenda

Residents leave firearms in houses during flood evacuation – so what?

The RCMP in High River, Alberta have breached and sullied their contract with the public to serve and protect.

When private citizens were forced to evacuate the town as flood waters threatened their safety, police and the military forcibly entered the abandoned residences and confiscated firearms. They police admit they seized “a large quantity of firearms,” and claimed that public safety was at stake. They did not explain how the firearms posed a threat — because there wasn’t one.

“This act of aggression is further proof that the RCMP have a not-so-hidden agenda to take guns away from responsible gun owners,” says Tony Bernardo, executive director of the Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA) and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association CSSA). “How is leaving your home for a flood any different than leaving to watch the kids play hockey or go on vacation? The police went rogue and operated way beyond their mandate. They spun out of control under the guise of being public safety caretakers. In these situations, the police simply secure the area and refuse admittance to non-residents.

“The RCMP has much to answer for by stealing guns from private citizens,” adds Bernardo. “We are advised that the Prime Minister’s Office will examine whether the rights of Canadians have been ignored by the police. I am confident that the federal government will deal swiftly with those who have portrayed Canada as a police state in the eyes of the of the world. While the poor souls of High River clean up their homes, the government needs to clean up Canada’s law enforcement agency. The government must run the police, not the other way round.”

The police have a mandate to safeguard homes from looters and criminals during a natural disaster. The RCMP prohibited the public from entering the flood zone, including residents who wanted to inspect the damage in their residences. With police and military guarding the flood perimeter and patrolling streets, there was no need to break into private homes.

CSSA/CILA wants an investigation into whether houses with firearms were specifically targeted. If the homes were hand-picked, it could be evidence that the RCMP has retained and still uses the data from the federal firearms registry that Parliament ordered scrapped. Firearms owners are seeking assurance that the registry data is not available for clandestine police searches.

“The residents of High River have good cause to be angry and they are making themselves heard,” adds Bernardo. “Someone told a reporter it’s like living in Nazi Germany, and that there is some shameful truth to that statement. There are many excellent police officers out there who recognize that responsible firearm owners obey the law. Unfortunately, sometimes they are led by police officials who issue commands like this one. If the RCMP are looking for looters, they only need a mirror”



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