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Oath to Queen Challenged – Advertising directly into your Head

The monarchy represents inequality, class division and a history of slavery, say three permanent residents of Canada who appeared in an Ontario court Friday to challenge the citizenship oath’s mandatory declaration of allegiance to the Queen.
“The idea we’re being asked to swear allegiance to an … offshore Queen — I just couldn’t do it,” said Michael McAteer, an applicant in the Citizenship Act challenge. “[The monarchy] is the antithesis of everything I see a democracy should be.”
The three applicants argue they have religious and conscientious objections to taking the oath. They said in court documents that the requirement to take it has “effectively barred” them from becoming Canadian citizens and argue their constitutional rights are being violated. Their case was heard Friday at an Ontario Superior Court in downtown Toronto.
Sleepy commuters in Germany, who rest their heads on public train windows, have recently gotten a surprise when they heard an ad that no one else can, as explained in the video above. They’re not dreaming: a transmitter on trains in Munich and North Rhine-Westphalia sends high-frequency vibrations to the windowpane, which a person can hear through bone conduction.
This ad campaign by agency BBDO in Dusseldorf, Germany, was launched with prototypes on behalf of broadcasting company Sky Deutschland, back in January. The ad that plays to a person’s inner ear is about Sky’s new mobile app.

President Vladimir Putin signed a law Wednesday banning the adoption of children by same-sex couples in Russia and abroad – and by residents of foreign countries where gay marriages are sanctioned.
The latest act aims to protect children from “dictated non-traditional sexual behavior” and protect them from “distress”, which psychologists say is experienced by children raised by same sex parents according to a fact sheet on the Kremlin’s website.
The act, which amends the Family Code and several federal laws, also eases some adoption procedures for Russians and expands orphans’ rights to medical care. The piece of the legislation swept through the both chambers of the Russian parliament in June.

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