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Right to Protect Yourself – Liberals Need Control

CBC News spoke to Cohen and criminal lawyer Stacy Nichols about different legal scenarios that outline what an individual’s rights are under current Canadian law. Here are some excerpts from the interview:

CBC News: You hear a noise and go downstairs in the middle of the night and find a burglar, and you can’t tell if he’s armed. Legally, what are your options?

“Your dwelling house seems to be the property you’re allowed to protect the most,” Nichols says.

Under Section 40 of the Criminal Code, which deals with the defence of dwellings, Nichols says, “everyone who is in possession of a dwelling house is justified in using as much force as necessary, to prevent any person from forcibly breaking into or entering the dwelling house without lawful authority.”

Cohen echoes Nichols’ sentiments, adding that when it comes to defending themselves, Canadians have the most rights inside their own homes.

“This area is less grey than others. The rule of reasonable force still applies, but most judges will give you the benefit of the doubt,” Cohen says. “… You can use any force you deem necessary to remove the burglar from the house and eliminate the threat to yourself.”

Terence P. Jeffrey doesn’t mince words in his new book about the Obama Administration’s goals for remaking America.

“Modern American liberals … would like to see the government exercise more control over our movement, our retirement income, our heathcare, our private property, our speech,” Jeffrey warns.

And he’s just getting warmed up.

No Area Safe

In Control Freaks: 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Life, the author breaks down the Obama Administration’s plans for curbing freedom in nearly every facet of society.

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood is a prime example of the administration in action, and he’s a nominal Republican. LaHood has gone on record with his wish to tax people for every mile they drive, his plans to reduce urban sprawl whether citizens like it or not and how he’d like to free “hapless” Americans from their cars.

LaHood’s boss couldn‘t agree more.

“The days where we’re just building sprawl forever, those days are over,” the President once said. Who gave President Barack Obama the right to make such an assertion, the author asks?

Jeffrey weaves in stories of our nation’s earliest days to bring perspective to the liberals’ end game of total control.

Take Social Security, which Jeffrey, for many years the editor of HUMAN EVENTS and now the editor-in-chief of, says is Congress’s greatest mistake in the 20th Century. Social Security helped pave the way for Americans to feel the government must coddle them in their golden years, in direct contrast to the pioneering spirit of the Founding Fathers.

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