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Obamacare Fiasco – Alberta Government buys Houses

Obamacare Fiasco – Alberta Government buys Houses

Nancy Pelosi told us there would be days like this. The only way to find out what was in Obamacare was to pass it and see what happens. Congress passed it, the messiah signed it, and we’re beginning to see what happens. The Washington Post addressed the question of affordability. The newspaper pointed out that the 2,000-page law known as the Affordable Care Act contains some of the most complicated language imaginable when it comes to premium subsidies.

Fortunately, the Kaiser report used actual rates that insurers plan to charge. According to Kaiser’s Levitt, “Our aim here was to really start making it tangible for people.” Levitt added, “So much until now has been hypothetical, with simulations and models. Now that we have real premiums in 17 states and D.C., we could start looking at what consumers in real circumstances would pay.”

The bottom line is that if you make less than $45,960 as an individual, the government provides a subsidy to the price you pay for insurance on the exchange. Above that amount, you are expected to pay the full price – up to $6,350 or $529 per month.

Homeowners are being offered a payment equal to their last municipal property-tax assessment. If all those eligible take advantage of the program, the province said, the bill could hit $175-million – an average of about $690,000 per home. That total that has already been factored into Premier Alison Redford’s $5-billion rebuilding estimate following the disastrous June floods in which more than 14,500 homes were damaged.

The Alberta government has been under intense pressure to provide timely details of its plan designed to encourage people to move off the “floodways” – zones where river flood-water flows are the deepest, fastest and most destructive, where floods are the most likely to occur and where the government will ban all future building.

Property owners are eligible to have their properties purchased by the government whether their homes were damaged in June or not.