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BC Hydro Massive Salaries – Bra Stuffing

BC Hydro Massive Salaries – Bra Stuffing

As money-hungry B.C. Hydro gets set to shock your wallet with massive rate hikes, employees of the debt-ridden Crown corporation are still riding shockingly high on the hog.

A Province analysis of the Crown corporation’s payroll reveals 2,667 Hydro employees made more than $100,000 last year.
That’s more than 45 per cent of Hydro’s total workforce pulling down a six-figure salary, at a time when the government is preaching restraint and cuts.
Hydro records show 610 employees — more than 10 per cent of the workforce — made more than $150,000.
The complete list of Hydro employees banking more than $100,000 a year is posted below. It reveals a bewildering number of executives — including at least 18 vice-presidents — and surprising job titles like “cable splicer” and “trouble technician” making over $200,000.
There’s even a “driver/helper” who made over $151,000 last year!
Hydro’s top executives, meanwhile, all scored raises and bonuses despite a government wage freeze.

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A former school district accountant allegedly made off with more than $2 million in lunch money, according to officials in Rialto.

KCAL9′s Crystal Cruz reports Judith Oakes made around $60,000 a year working for the Rialto school system.

However, police are now accusing her of making a lot more than that illegally — possibly as much as $3 million.

Oakes, 48, spent 25 years with the district as an accountant.

She resigned recently after being accused of stealing student lunch money.

“I could not believe it. I still can not believe it,” said a neighbor.

Cruz knocked on Oakes’ door Thursday evening, but no one answered.

However, a neighbor told Cruz, the Oakes she knew would never steal.

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Accountant Accused Of Stuffing Her Bra And Making Off With $2M In School Lunch Money