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Liberal Gun Psychosis – Self Defence God Given Right

Liberal Gun Psychosis – Self Defence God Given Right

It’s as if religion and the second amendment are equal in abhorrence to Obama as protectionism and xenophobia. Clearly, he views religion and guns as symptoms of a working-class psychosis brought on by chronic unemployment and economic depression. I don’t think it ever occurred to him that people practice their religion and hunt regardless of their current economic status. To the enlightened class like BHO and his wife Michelle, only the great unwashed, under-educated, commoners practice religion, or own guns. These are the people superior liberals think are too stupid and incompetent to run their own lives and need guidance from the government to survive.

This view of “regular” Americans as pedestrian, unsophisticated, simpletons never gets reported by the MSM because 95% of the MSM think exactly like this too. They think that they too are superior to middle-America. They’re bewildered as to why all Americans aren’t embracing this great uniter Obama. How dare Americans not support the post-racial President ! Anybody who doesn’t get on the BO bandwagon surely must be a racist, they think.
They already refer to him as the messianic president….as in Messiah. Don’t be fooled, intimidated, or guilted by this. He’s just another politician using whatever tools he can to seize power and control you.

The scene was right out of a horror movie: a driver gets in a minor fender bender and stops. He is surrounded by a gang of thugs who are threatening him. One of them slashes his tires. He does what any normal person would do – he flees from the situation. In the process of trying to protect himself and his family, he runs over and seriously injures a biker.

It was suggested on ABC World News that the SUV driver should have waited for the police. There was a time in my lifetime when no one would dare say something like that in public, because the person saying it would be judged as either evil or insane. Someone should wait for police when he is being assaulted by a mob of thugs, rather than attempting to escape? Are there people so deranged that they actually believe this?

The bikers are lucky the victim did not have an AR-15 or similar weapon, and started firing into the crowd. The carnage could have been a lot worse than one biker who was hit by the victim’s SUV as he was trying to escape the violent gang. By the way, I do not have one shred of sympathy for the injured biker, Jeremiah Mieses.

Self-defense is a God-given human right. The SUV driver (who I will not name because he is an innocent victim, unlike the gang of thugs and criminals who violently attacked him) had every right under the laws of God and man to attempt to escape. He would have had every right under the laws of God and man to kill several of them, if he had a firearm, because he had reasonable cause to believe they were a threat to his life and is family’s life.

Frankly, the gang of thugs and criminals who violently attacked a family’s SUV and brutally beat the driver once they chased him down do not deserve any sympathy. They should thank their lucky stars that none of them were killed, especially since it would have been justifiable homicide in self-defense.

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