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Rob Ford – Conservative Convention – Obamas’ Failure

Mayor Rob Ford has set the stage for a battle at city hall this week by designating a motion urging him to take a leave as a “key” item on Wednesday’s council agenda.
“Let’s get it on,” Ford said Monday, hinting — in just four words uttered to reporters as he entered an elevator outside his office — at his strategy for countering the intense pressure on him to step aside in the wake of stunning admissions about crack cocaine use and a video showing him raging incoherently about “first-degree murder.”
Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong’s motion urges Ford to take a leave of absence. If Ford does not agree, he intends to add a condition asking council to petition the province to remove the mayor from office.

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Conservative Convention

Prime Minister Stephen Harper returns to Ottawa Monday following a Conservative policy convention that saw delegates head home with a renewed sense of purpose but hardly a feeling of jubilation.

The convention showed there are divisions within Harper’s own ranks over how to tackle Senate reform, and it hinted at the emergence of possible political ambitions.

Days after cabinet minister Maxime Bernier publicly urged Harper to hold a referendum in the spring to test public opinion on abolishing the Senate — and Harper himself identified “the courts” as a new obstacle to Senate reform — one of his top ministers sounded a clear cautionary warning Sunday.

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Obama Failure

Under Barack Obama, the U.S. economy has performed worse than it did under any other president since the end of the Great Depression. After every other recession since World War II, the U.S. economy always regained what was lost and got even stronger before the next recession began. During this “economic recovery”, we have not even come close to getting back to where we were in 2008. In fact, the number of Americans living in poverty and the number of Americans that are dependent on the government both continue to explode even as Barack Obama runs up trillions of dollars of new debt. Anyone that believes that Barack Obama is going to “fix the economy” if he is given another four years in the White House has taken way too many sips of the Obama kool-aid. The truth is that Barack Obama is not going to save you. Barack Obama has royally messed up our economy (along with a lot of other things) and that is not something we should be thanking him for.
Yes, Barack Obama is not solely responsible for the economy. In fact, he does not even have the most influence over the direction of the economy.
However, if he had been willing or able to actually do what was necessary to fix the economy, he certainly had ample opportunity.
For example, the Democrats had full control of Congress during Obama’s first two years in office.

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