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Mandela yes Thatcher NO – Women Enjoy Firearms

Mandela yes Thatcher NO – Women Enjoy Firearms

We finished family Sunday dinner this evening and my wife Angela asked me a question I had to ponder. She asked, “Did we make this big a deal over the passing of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as we are for South African President Nelson Mandela?”

I had to think about it since the “Iron Lady” passed back in April of this year. Meryl Streep did play her in a movie. So I Googled, “did America flag fly at half-mast for death of Margaret Thatcher??”

I found a site called and got the answer: “He [President Obama] did not order the flag flown at half staff for the death of Margaret Thatcher, did not attend her funeral, and did not send any high level officials to represent the United States.”

This site also had this tidbit from Politico in April 2013: “President Barack Obama not only didn’t attend Margaret Thatcher’s April 2013 funeral, but also refused to dispatch any high-ranking members of his administration to pay respects to Britain’s Iron Lady.”


Women Enjoy Firearms

Record levels of women are picking up rifles, shotguns and handguns. But the women behind the magazines and barrels aren’t your stereotypical gunslingers; instead they’re moms, doctors, lawyers and secretaries. The one thing they have in common is their decision to exercise their second amendment right to bear arms.

In 2005 only 13 percent of gun owners in the United States were women. That number jumped to 23-percent of women reporting firearm ownership in 2011—a 77 percent increase in less than a decade.

“A lot of ladies started out, they wanted to feel more secure in their home or belongings,” said Jill Frank, social media representative and firearm instructor at Kodiak Firing Range in South Bend.

Kodiak said it has seen the number of women coming into the range and store skyrocket. Will Smith III manages Kodiak and said the woman he has talked to don’t want someone else to protect them. Instead, Smith said more women are expressing their desire to save themselves.

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