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Entitlements – Over 200 Assaults on Wife


That has been the liberal rallying cry since the 1960’s. With a massive liberal majority in Congress in 1965, Lyndon Johnson implemented his Great Society program. It established Medicare and Medicaid to provide healthcare to disadvantaged groups such as the elderly and the poor while expanding Social Security to include things such as welfare benefits. This is when the War on Poverty began. With the onset of Obamacare as the fourth entitlement, opposition to it has been attacked with such gems as “Republicans want you to die quickly,” or that the Republicans were going to “push Granny off the cliff.” Implementing Obamacare was the humane thing to do. With the three entitlement programs that have been in place since 1965, the question I have is simple — Have they worked? The answer is a resounding no!


Over 200 Assaults on Wife

A man who assaulted his wife between 200 and 300 times over 25 years, including kicking her while she was pregnant, breaking a chair over her head and coming at her with an axe, has been sentenced to four years in jail. After receiving 31 months’ credit for presentence custody, Jaswant Singh Dhaliwal, 54, will have a net sentence of 17 months in jail for his assaults on his ex-wife, who is identified only as P.D. in a court ruling. Because the net sentence imposed by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Murray Blok fell below two years, under the law Dhaliwal cannot be subject to an order that he be supervised in the community for 10 years following release, an order that had been sought by the Crown. Evidence was that Dhaliwal, a heavy drinker, beat the mother of three on a regular basis, particularly after 1991, following a period of separation and a subsequent reconciliation. From 1991 until a final separation in 2006, he assaulted her every three or four weeks at a minimum.

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