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Ocommie Minimum Wage – Wacky Wynne

Ocommie Minimum Wage – Wacky Wynne
President Obama isn’t waiting for congress when it comes to raising the minimum wage on federal contract workers.
As promised during his State of the Union address in January, Obama signed an executive order on Wednesday raising the minimum wage on all new federal contractors from $7.25 per hour to $10.10 per hour. In case you missed that, it applies only to new contractors. Everyone else currently getting paid below $10.10 will continue at that rate.

The president has made it no secret that he wants to raise the minimum wage nationwide to $10.10, though the Republican-led congress isn’t exactly jumping on the idea. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 3.6 million Americans – roughly 4.7% of the workforce – earn at or below (for example, jobs paying tips) the national minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. About 25% of American workers make $10.50 an hour or less

Premier Kathleen Wynne stresses a new Ontario pension plan to be unveiled in the spring budget is “not a tax,” but mandatory savings for retirement.
Fighting back against what she deemed “attacks coming at us” from the federal Conservative government, which opposes the scheme, Wynne said Ontarians need more for their golden years.
“This is not money that goes into the provincial treasury,” the premier told reporters Tuesday as she unveiled a new technical advisory group to help design the pension plan.
“Taxation implies that this is somehow money that goes into the provincial treasury to be spent by government. It’s money that goes into plans, money that’s then invested in the economy and then creates a return for people in the future,” she said.
“This is not a tax. This is about an investment in the future. It is money that will go into a plan that will allow people to retire more securely.”