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Gun Rights Websites – Tony Bernardo CSSA

Gun Rights Websites – Tony Bernardo CSSA

The need for active Gun Rights Websites is so critical due to the hostility from Governments and the Propaganda News Media. The Gun Owners of Canada, Gun Rights Media forums are very active with pro rights and freedoms patriots. The CSSA, NRA, NFA and many other websites in both Canada and the United States are actively defending our God given rights to self-defense and the protection of family and property. Getting active in one or several of these sites is extremely important as greater numbers means greater protection from those who wish to disarm and enslave us to their socialist wet dreams.


The CSSA is the Canadian Shooting Sports Association — the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada.

We support and promote all manner of shooting sports from traditional target shooting competition to modern action shooting sports, hunting, archery, and everything in between. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs.

We conduct numerous training courses and grant certification for Range Officers, Safety Officers, etc.

We are also very politically active at the provincial and federal levels in the fight to preserve Canada‘s long firearms tradition, and the right of responsible Canadians to have unrestricted lawful access to firearms. The beginning of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association came about with the amalgamation of the highly respected Ontario Handgun Association (OHA) and the Ontario Smallbore Federation (OSF). The OHA has been a leader in Canada‘s firearms community since 1957 and the OSF has represented smallbore rifle shooters in Ontario since 1959.

Since its early start in Ontario, the CSSA has grown into a national organisation with representation in each province and membership Canada-wide. With its full time staff and 15,000 (and growing) strong membership support, the OHA has been working hard to defend the rights of shooters against Ottawa‘s legislation over the years. And the organisation has accomplished much. However, as Canadian recreational shooters, we are clearly at a critical point.

Politicians and bureaucrats have proven to be intent on increasing laws and regulations governing ownership and use of all firearms. The impositions will continue. We must be vigilant.

The OHA recognised the need for all shooters to band together for protection of their property and sports. Whether trap, skeet, sport, or target shooters, hunters, farmers, archers, collectors — or people who simply choose to own and keep firearms in their homes.

Every one of us across this country must join together for protection. We are stronger with you than without you.

With the OHA and the OSF as the nucleus, Canadian Shooting Sports has the credentials, the resources and the best chance to succeed in protecting our rights.

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