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This Army Vet’s Pro-Gun Smackdown of Lawmakers is Going Viral

A rousing video is making the rounds, and it’s one you don’t want to miss. Nicholas Purpura is an Army veteran and Chaplain. During a gun control forum in New Jersey, Nicholas unloaded both barrels on Democrat lawmakers on the topic of gun control.

“You’re tying our hands,” Purpura passionately states. “You’re tying our hands and you are aiding and abetting the criminal once again.”

He goes on to call the Democrats hypocrites, and wins strong applause from the audience.

“Make a law if you use a gun in a crime there is no probation, they don’t plea bargain them out,” Purpura went on, becoming more animated. “You are guilty for the blood of innocent people and the children… it’s on every one of your heads.”

The vet then brought up recent mass killings, and question whether harsh gun control laws are the answer. “Tell me once how that would have stopped that psychopath?” he asked. “We should throw every one of you out of office if you continue this lunacy. Bring us back to sanity. We are American citizens. Read the Constitution.”