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Keystone Pipeline – Ontario Debt

Keystone Pipeline – Ontario Debt

Buffett calls the pipeline, which would move oil from Canada through through the United States, a “good idea for the country.”
The support for the pipeline is particularly interesting, given Buffett’s holding of railroad BNSF. Railroads and pipeline have often been viewed as competitors.
“It’s not that big of a competitor,” Buffett said of the pipeline.
BNSF has benefited greatly from increased petroleum production in the Bakken region of the United States. Oil producers rely on rail to move that crude across the country.
“It’s fair to say that we have found in the last year or so that it’s more dangerous to move certain types of crude,” said Buffe

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This is a Christmas present, and it was put at our front door by the Canadians. Over 200 billion barrels of oil are available from our neighbor. Unlike the 1.7 million barrels we import every day from the Middle East, we won’t need to send our military overseas to protect this oil. All we need is a decision!
The Keystone deal is a no-brainer. It has so many advantages for America and no disadvantages. You know where I stand. Watch this video and let me know where you stand.

Ontario Debt

The week before Charles Sousa tabled the Ontario budget that failed to pass, triggering a provincial election, the man who preceded him as Ontario Finance Minister came to Queen’s Park with a warning.

“Ontario is faced with a staggering debt,” Dwight Duncan said, and he called for public services to be contracted out. Government, he said, would have to “fundamentally re-evaluate its role.”

It didn’t escape notice that his warning was akin to a Kardashian tut-tutting someone about overexposure: Ontario’s debt rose from $154-billion to $281-billion during Mr. Duncan’s own time as Finance Minister. But he had warned about debt issues, he said, before he left office.

Ex-Liberal finance minister warned his party that deep spending cuts are needed to balance Ontario budget

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