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Mandatory Voting – Ont. Liberal Corruption

Mandatory Voting – Ont. Liberal Corruption

The Fair Elections Act has passed the Commons at last, and seems destined to become law before long. It is a much amended bill, and much improved for it: Some of the most contentious sections, such as the ban on vouching or the exemption from campaign spending limits for expenses incurred in fundraising, have been modified or removed.

Amongst the provisions that remain, however, is the one prohibiting Elections Canada from taking out ads encouraging people to vote. Conservatives hold fast to the view that getting out the vote is the responsibility of political parties, not the government. Elections Canada’s efforts are inevitably biased, they feel, because they are focused on groups, such as students, who are less likely to vote — and who, as it happens, are even less likely to vote Conservative.

Will democracy suffer as a result? Elections Canada can scarcely claim great success for its efforts. Turnout at the federal level has dropped from the 75% it averaged for most of the post-war period to just 61% in the last election. Yet turnout in federal elections is high compared with most provinces. If recent trends hold, just half of eligible voters will cast their ballots in next month’s Ontario election.


The corruption laden Ontario Liberal government is caving in to corruption over deleted e mails, hiding facts from public review and intentionally misleading any inquiries. The RCMP just finished raiding a data storage facility under warrants seeking hidden e mail related to the gas plant corruption.

McGuinty’s heir Kathleen Wynne is facing calls for a confidence vote in the Ontario Legislature. The timing could not be worse for the Liberal National Convention. Trudeau has skirted around or largely ignored the swarm of corrupted Liberal Provincial Parties and the abundant disgraced leaders.

Shawn Graham as Premier of New Brunswick was found guilty of Conflict of Interest when he loaned 50 million to his pals before they went belly up.

Jean Charest as Premier of Quebec oversaw millions in illegal campaign contributions from SNC Lavalin alone.

Robert Ghiz corrupted an immigration program for 500 million and American authorities are seeking redress from the Federal government. Ghiz has doubled his provincial debt while lowering the standard of living substantially.

Ontario Liberals Crumbling in Corruption before Montreal Party Bonanza

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