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Trudeau Selective Abortions – Self Defence

“The Liberal leader’s refusal to condemn the awful practice of sex-selection abortion puts him far, far outside the mainstream of public opinion,” Williamson said in an e-mail Monday. “When aborting girls just because they are girls doesn’t cause Justin Trudeau to even question that decision or express any unease it is safe to say he is a pro-abortion fanatic.”Asked how he would counsel a woman seeking an abortion to prevent giving birth to a girl, Trudeau said he’d “leave discussions like that between a woman and the health professionals that she encounters.”
His office later sent out a statement that he “doesn’t condone” sex-selective abortion, but stopped short of calling for the practice to end in Canada.
NDP justice critic Francoise Boivin went as far as saying that sex-selective abortion “would be discriminatory,” but she’s fine with a don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy on that kind of discrimination.

Self Defence

Canada’s laws of self-defence and citizens arrest were simplified just last year. Bill C-26 took multiple Criminal Code sections covering the defence of self and of property and compressed them down to merely two. The relevant section in the Criminal Code, as regards the allegations against the Truta brothers, is Section 35. It notes that defending such property does not constitute an assault if those on the defensive believe on reasonable grounds that someone “is about to enter, is entering or has entered the property without being entitled by law to do so,” and intends to steal or damage that property.

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