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Wynne Anti Gun – Turks and Caicos

Wynne Anti Gun – Turks and Caicos

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is rallying her election troops around the handgun boogeyman.

Q. When will opportunist left-wingers stop using gun owners as their favourite pre-election punching bag?
A. When responsible firearms owners get out the vote and help elect an alternative.

Wynne knows full well that firearms restrictions are a federal responsibility, so her call for a handgun ban is provincial Liberal dross. She tossed the notion of handgun bans into her electoral grab-bag because Liberals and most media wags are willing cheerleaders. Backroom Liberals appeal to their voters by simply mentioning gun control. If it works, watch for Wynne to copy Quebec’s ploy by pretending a provincial firearms registry could also be in the offing.

Gun owners in other provinces who believe they’re untouchable if the Liberals win the June 12 Ontario election should think again. If it works in Ontario, it could work in your province or territory, too. We shudder at the doomsday prospect of a successful Ontario Liberal run if Justin Trudeau’s national popularity catches fire. Now add the possibility of former federal NDPer Olivia Chow winning the mayor’s chair in Canada’s largest city. Gun owners could face the most perfect of storms – and not just in Ontario.

TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – May 30, 2014

Turks and Caicos

Conservative MP Peter Goldring, who has championed the cause of the Turks and Caicos joining Canada for the past decade, also shies away from the word annexation.

Instead, Goldring, who was reached Monday in Ukraine where he has been monitoring the election, said he’d prefer that Canada offer the Caribbean island chain, now a British territory, provincial status.

Goldring doesn’t believe making the Turks and Caicos a province would require a constitutional amendment, citing the example of the former British dominion of Newfoundland, which joined Confederation in 1949 using only the tool of a territory-wide, and very close, referendum.

But the repatriation of the Constitution in 1982 changed the rules so that the Constitution must be re-opened to allow the establishment of a new province. Constitutional talks can be deeply divisive.

Dirty Harry Reid

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had harsh words for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) on Wednesday, accusing the senator of using taxpayer money for partisan purposes and therefore violating the Senate’s ethics policy.

On Fox News, Priebus called Reid “so dirty and so unethical,” and he said Reid had violated Senate rules by posting political attacks of the billionaire Koch brothers on his official Senate website and Twitter account. The rules prohibit the “use of Senate Internet Services for personal, promotional, commercial, or partisan political/campaign purposes.”

The GOP chairman said the Louisiana Republican Party has filed a letter with the Senate Ethics Committee calling for an investigation into Reid’s online conduct.

“We’re going to take it as far as we can to make sure people understand that this guy will stop at nothing to lie to the American people,” Priebus said.