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Cocaine in Londons Water -Champlaine Bridge

Cocaine in Londons Water -Champlaine Bridge

London could have the highest levels of cocaine use of any city in Europe, a new report suggests.
Researchers tested the amount of a number of illegal substances in the waste water of cities across the continent in a bid to assess Europe’s drug habits.
They found London had the highest levels of cocaine of any of the 42 cities tested, well above that of other capitals including Amsterdam and Paris.
The study, by the Lisbon-based European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Addiction, also highlighted an apparent East-West divide in drugs used.
While the populations of cities in Western Europe were more likely to cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, Eastern European citizens are more likely to be developing a crystal meth habit.

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Champlain Bridge

In a few months, the federal government will open bidding for a colossal construction project in Quebec, widely described as the most corrupt province in the country.
But Quebec has come a long way, according to its politicians and business leaders.

New laws govern which companies can bid for construction contracts and police have mounted aggressive anti-corruption investigations that have led to the arrests of once-prominent politicians and business moguls.

The new Champlain Bridge – projected to cost taxpayers up to $5 billion – represents one of the first real integrity tests for Quebec since the reforms. It will connect downtown Montreal with the south shore suburbs.

Michael Hershman, one of world’s leading experts in anti-corruption, told QMI Agency there is a lot at stake for the federal government, which owns the old Champlain and is responsible for the new one.

“A lot of public attention will be on this bridge. This is a real opportunity for Canada to show its citizens – and the world – that it is committed to integrity,” said Hershman, who was a senior investigator in the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings and is currently president and CEO of Fairfax Group.

Hershman knows corruption.