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Google Bans Guns – Lenar Whitney

Google Bans Guns – Lenar Whitney

On June 30, ran an article showing that Google’s proposed changes for banned firearm ads would include toy gun ads.

According to Reason, Google’s proposed bans would include not only real guns but also “functioning antique guns, airsoft guns, paintball guns, [and] bb guns.”

The goal in banning ads for real guns and toy guns is one and the same–“to keep people safe both online and offline.”

On June 27, Breitbart News reported on the proposed bans by pointing out that they go into effect in September and are “subject to change.” But if they remain as they are now, they will include not only “Guns & Parts” but also “any part or component that’s necessary to the function of a gun or intended for attachment to a gun.”

Yesterday, after searching for whatever firearm-related term on Google — “5.56 ammo,” for example — not only would one see general search results, but also a few shopping results.

Not anymore, it seems. According to an online retailer who contacted us to shed light on this outrage, they received a lengthy email from Google Shopping stating per the company’s new policies, all firearms, ammo and accessories will not be approved to be listed.

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Global warming

Government scientists are not only blaming global warming for the centuries-long collapse of western Antarctic ice sheets, but global warming is also being blamed for record levels of sea ice in the South Pole.

Antarctica’s sea ice set another record this week, reaching 815,448 square miles above normal, breaking a record set this past weekend of 800,776 square miles above normal ice coverage.

These two records set within a week of one another shattered the previous ice extent record of 710,428 square miles above average that was set back on December 20, 2007.

But record-breaking ice coverage still worries scientists who argue that it’s being caused by global warming.

Ice around the South Pole has expanded to cover a record area, scientists revealed yesterday – a month after saying that the North Pole had lost an unprecedented amount of its ice.

Researchers say – rather confusingly – that both occurrences are down to the ‘complex and surprising’ effects of global warming.

The record Antarctic sea ice cover was revealed in satellite images from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado.

News from 2013

Al Gore becoming billionaire promoting global warming fraud

Rush Limbaugh spoke at length on his talk show Tuesday about Al Gore making hundreds of millions of dollars promoting the idea that mankind is destroying the planet through the use of fossil fuels. Following the sale of his television station to Al Jazeera, the Arab network that has condemned the United States and lauded Islamist terrorist organizations, Al Gore now has a net worth of nearly a billion dollars. Mr. Limbaugh expressed his disgust that people are so easily scammed, but then admits that these are the same people that re-elected Obama on the belief that higher taxes produce wealth for the middle class.

Politically Correct Science

Let’s trace this tragic tale to the beginning. Seemingly decades ago, not 13 years, the UK Independent newspaper started the new century with the goal of becoming a world leader in government-approved, corporate-friendly global warming propaganda. Its chief warmist and green scribe, Charles Onians, fired the first climate salvo in a March 20, 2000, in this leading article:

“Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain’s culture”.

The Independent was soon followed by other UK papers, US papers, and European papers, and their broadcast media, in a permanent propaganda blitz to take “the warming thing” to the ultimate limits of childlike hysteria and stark distortion using the uncertain science of “the CO2 hypothesis”. The propaganda onslaught was stamped with the “warmist” hallmark of elite condescension and smug conviction that ordinary mortals are much too stupid to understand this “scientifically proven” crisis.