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TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – July 10, 2014

TEAM CSSA E-NEWS – July 10, 2014 ** Please share this E-news with your friends **


The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CCSA) continues on the path of firearms freedom in Canada by educating the people who can help change public opinion and the Firearms Act.

Many anti-gun advocates conjure up a wonky vision of the wild west when they think of sport shooters. Thanks to the entertainment industry and some media agencies, gun owners are portrayed as bullying gun-slingers who have little interest in public safety. The CSSA strives to give members of the Canadian media and legislators the real picture. That’s why we provide them with complimentary Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) and Restricted Possession and Acquisition Licence (RPAL) courses and take them to the shooting range.

Instructors Dave Arrowsmith, John Evers, Dan Hennessey and Tony Bernardo donated a recent weekend to help a group of government and media professionals learn that sport shooting is a wholesome and safe heritage activity for young and old. The CSSA is grateful to these excellent instructors for their willingness to share their expertise and enthusiasm for this very Canadian heritage activity.

The entire firearms community benefits when opinion-makers in the media are given the opportunity to experience the joys and challenges of safe recreational shooting. The same holds true when pivotal government employees who move legislation through channels are given the chance to witness our activities first-hand. The CSSA also co-sponsored a day of expert shooting instruction at the Stittsville Shooting Ranges with members of Parliament and their staff in early June. As more and more legislators and reporters feel the love for the shooting sports, it can only work in our community’s favour.

The CSSA’s message is simply this: The shooting sports shouldn’t be feared – they should be enjoyed. New shooters gain self-confidence through classroom safety instruction and take it to the range. And so the romance begins.

The CSSA is also planning to roll out its new Shooting Rangers Program for Canadian youth across the country later this year. Like every avocation, we need to raise the next generation of participants to take our heritage activities into the future. Canada has programs to engage young golfers, curlers, hockey players and runners, so surely the time is ripe to recruit young shooters. We hope CSSA members will help to spread the word in their own clubs once the program is finalized.

In the meantime, the CSSA will continue to provide courses and range time for the media and key government individuals to promote the best interests of sport shooters going forward. Properly positioning recreational shooting as a fun family activity is entirely possible as we win over new converts… one mind at a time.

Note to media orgs and government agencies – feel free to ask the CSSA about how we could train you too. Spend a weekend with us that could enhance your life.



Toronto’s federal by-election in Trinity-Spadina has replaced NDP quitter Olivia Chow with novice Liberal mouthpiece Adam Vaughan.

Gun owners will appreciate the irony. Replacing one anti-gun NDPer with an anti-bullet Liberal member of Parliament bodes poorly for all who value individual rights and freedoms. Vaughan is the former Toronto municipal councillor who thinks he knows how to ban guns, bullets and evil from society. He epitomizes the left-wing exuberance, idealism and hysteria that only Toronto politics can nurture. Vaughan is living proof that Liberal gun control is more about control than guns.

It should come as no surprise that Vaughan’s anti-gun track started with enrolment in Ryerson’s journalism course and postings with the CBC and the Toronto Star. As an outspoken but muddled city councillor, he acquired a reputation as an extremist who tends to open his mouth instead of his mind.

And now in the wake of a federal by-election that most people ignored, he’s all ours. Vaughan gets to play in the Peace Tower’s shadow where firearms laws are made. Two summers ago, he tried to co-opt zoning bylaws to ban the storage, sale and use of all ammunition in Toronto. He told CityNews: “There’s no reason to fire a bullet anywhere in this city – I don’t care whether it’s a long gun, a handgun, a legal gun or an illegal gun. Bullets are causing too many problems in the city… It’s time to put an end to it.”

Toronto was still smarting from the fatal Eaton Centre shooting at the time, and Vaughan’s brainwave to make everyone safe with a bullet ban failed to gain traction. His conclusion that bullets are causing the problem reveals his own misunderstanding of the complex sources of urban violence. Vaughan also wanted Ontario-related data in the federal long-gun registry to be preserved, just like Quebec.

Should gun owners fear Adam Vaughan? He will soon be ferreting out issues to torque his new career in Parliament. Anti-gun rhetoric may impress Boss Trudeau, which is the mission of every new M.P. Watch Vaughan try to fill the void that Liberal anti-gun czar Mark Holland left after his teary post-election defeat. Holland was brutalized by the truth as the firearms community put their feet on the street to campaign against him.

If recent polls are to be believed and Trudeau fares well in the 2015 federal election, he will be overwhelmed and dependent upon Liberal advisers. He could easily turn Vaughan loose to run the gun file in the guise of shoring up public safety. And history shows that the newly-minted M.P. for Trinity-Spadina is exactly the kind of politician who would pretend to make Canadians safer by banning guns, bullets, scopes and duck calls – just for the sheer hell of it.

Watch him very closely and don’t forget those old “Turf Mark Holland” tactics when election 2015 looms large on the political calendar.



July 25 – 27 /

Canada’s Wild Outdoor Expo featuring Huntfest is the must see event of the year!

Heritage Park – 5100 – 41 Avenue – Stony Plain, Alberta

Canada’s largest outdoor show has everything in one place for all outdoor enthusiasts—hunting, fishing, motorsports and extreme adventure as well as live music and entertainment daily.



In the wake of our Commentary in the last CSSA E-News about the destructive effect that the U.N. gun marking scheme would have in the Canadian marketplace, we received a note from an E-News reader.

The note opined: “My Norinco pump has CA marked on it. Didn’t devastate anything.”

CSSA executive director Tony Bernardo has delivered several speeches on the subject at the United Nations in New York City over the years. He warns this reader that it would be a mistake to consider the proposed U.N. gun marking regime as non-threatening.

Tony’s reply to this reader may be of interest to others who doubt the gun marking scheme’s potentially disastrous effects on the Canadian gun industry:

“It ‘didn’t devastate anything’ because it was done in the factory before the finish was applied and it was done on a metal part.

“The current regulations say it has to be “within 90 days AFTER its release from Canada Customs” (which means it cannot be done at the factory unless the factory is in Canada) and it has to have the CA and the year of import in plain sight on the receiver only and it must be a specific height, width and depth.

“There is no inexpensive way to mark a firearm after it has been manufactured and finished. All marking methods are damaging to the finish and invalidate the warranty. Some materials, such as case hardening, lose structural integrity after scoring through the surface finish. Firearms receivers are made from 14 different materials ranging from titanium to plastic and obviously you cannot use the same marking techniques on each type of material.

“The fixture that holds the firearm for marking costs $24,000 each and many of our importers carry over 100 different models of gun, each requiring a different fixture. Engraved guns are impossible to do without carving through the engraving and valuable collectors firearms have their value destroyed by marking them.

“It takes approximately 20 minutes to mark each firearm, three per hour, 24 per shift per machine. Some of our importers import 80,000 guns per year and would require 220 engraving machines working 24 hours per day to meet that demand. And of course, if it could be done at all, all the costs must be passed to the consumer.

“An exhaustive study done by the industry eight years ago placed the cost of marking these guns for the Canadian market at over $200 per firearm, and that did not include the costs of the importers having to carry the cost of all manufacturers warranties. When we involved the manufacturers of firearms around the world, they stated that Canada represents about 3 percent of the world’s consumption of firearms and that amount was simply not cost effective to spend that kind of money to retain a market that small. They would simply cease to export to Canada.

“Profit margins in the industry are surprisingly small. A loss in revenue caused by a single major line pulling out would be enough to shut down most importers. And, the domino effect would take out most of the retailers of firearms. No stock, no sales. I hope this clarifies the situation a little.”

Tony Bernardo


“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities” – the Hon. Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety



HUNTING MATURE BUCKS: Paul Beasley takes the Canada in the Rough TV cameras into his favorite Ontario deer spot in the peak of the rut in search of a couple mature bucks on the hit-list. His crossbow hunt comes to a close rather quickly when he encounters a post-mature non-typical buck they’ve been chasing for years. See the teaser for the TV telecast here:


ROOKIE RCMP OFFICER LEAVES LOADED SHOTGUN ON CITY STREET: Police brass say it was an “unfortunate mistake” when an RCMP officer left a shotgun on his car’s trunk lid and drove away. The loaded firearm fell to the road where it was discovered near the University of British Columbia. (CTV News – July 5, 2014)

(Editor’s note: Imagine the fresh hell that would befall a private citizen if this happened to them. So far, no punishment has been mentioned in the media by the RCMP. Could this be a classic case of “do what we say, not what we do”?)


RCMP OFFICER NEEDS 14 SHOTS TO KILL AILING CALF: A Saskatchewan RCMP officer had to put down a cow with a broken leg, although things didn’t go quite as planned. The Mountie, from the detachment in Warman, had to shoot 14 times before the yearling calf was put out of its misery at the side of a highway, the RCMP said in a news release. It happened Monday afternoon on Highway 305 on the west side of the city, which is about 20 kilometres north of Saskatoon. RCMP members were called about a calf that was running loose and eluding capture.

The owner of the calf tried to capture it but didn’t have any success. The calf, which had been bred for rodeo bucking, was kicking at people as they approached and had apparently suffered a compound fracture on one of its hind legs.

Three RCMP officers and a Warman bylaw officer found the calf in a ditch and tried to get it under control, but again they had no luck. The owner requested that the officers dispatch the calf out of concern for public safety and to end the animal’s suffering.

Police were going to use a shotgun, but the owner said that wouldn’t work and advised them to use a service pistol instead. The officer started shooting with the handgun, but it soon became apparent that it wasn’t working. A veterinarian told police that several of the shots landed in an area of the animal’s skull that would not have been effective. The officer fired more shots, 14 in total, until it was over. (CBC News – July 8)


PROGRESS – ANTI-GUN WRITER SEES THE FOLLY IN GUN CONTROL: …Personally, I’m not fond of guns, and I can understand why people would want to restrict their availability in a time when mass shootings seem to happen every week. But gun control doesn’t address the fundamental problem. Why is there an increasing amount of rampage killers in contemporary society? The fact that there is indicates that something has gone wrong with our culture.

In case anyone doubts that nihilistic mass-killings are a particular feature of our times, consider the numbers. The FBI keeps track of ‘active shooter events’-when a gunman appears on scene with the intent to kill lots of people. A 2013 study found that the rate at which these events occur in America has increased from about one every other month between 2000 and 2008, to more than one per month between 2009 and 2012.

Journalist David Brooks took a broader view, looking at every “spectacular rampage murder” that occurred since what is believed to be the first one, in Germany in 1913. They occurred at a rate of one or two per decade until the 1980s, when the frequency began to shoot up. In the 1990s, there were at least 11, Brooks said. He counted 26 in the decade before he wrote his article, just after the Batman-movie massacre in Colorado in 2012. I can think of four that just occurred in May and June, not to mention the two 12-year-old girls in Wisconsin who stabbed their friend 19 times to appease a cultish figure on a horror website.

Some people seem content to explain the issue away by observing that such individuals are mentally ill. That might have worked in the days when these things were extremely rare-“Who knows why he did it? He was crazy.” But when mass killings and other incidents of nihilistic violence are no longer anomalous events, but rather a recurring phenomenon, then we must conclude that they’re a symptom of a deeper societal problem. Pointing out that the people who commit them are crazy only raises the question: What is it about contemporary culture that is making so many people go insane? The rise in lunatics who commit senseless violence is happening within the context of a
broader mental health crisis. (By Kevin Hampson – QMI Agency – July 7, 2014 – Mayerthorpe Freelancer)


SUPREME COURT GRANTS LAND TITLE TO B.C. FIRST NATION: Today, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its judgment on the appeal brought by Roger William on behalf of the Tsilhqot’in Nation.

This decision follows many years of litigation on complex and significant issues. The case focused on the Tsilhqot’in First Nation’s claim to aboriginal title over 440,000 hectares of land to the south and west of Williams Lake in the B.C. Interior.

B.C. Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Suzanne Anton, issued a statement “The decision provides additional certainty around processes and tests that are applied to the relationship between the Province and Aboriginal peoples. We will take the time required to fully analyze it and work with First Nations, industry and all of our stakeholders as we do so.”The BCWF has a prime interest on the sustainability of and use of fish wildlife and their habitats.

The judgement confirms both the criteria for establishing aboriginal title and that the Tsilhqot’in Nation have title to the land. In addition, the judgement found that the Crown breached its duty to consult with the First Nation with respect to forest harvesting.

The Minister of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations office contacted the BCWF today and to inform us that they were analysing the implications of the court decision on our interests.

A copy of the judgement is available online and can be downloaded at the following link:



Firearm Legal Defence is sweeping the country and is available for sport shooters and hunters in Canada except Quebec, but it’s coming soon there, too. Quebec has more licensed gun owners per capita than most other provinces. Email [email protected] to be on the waiting list.

The maximum benefit payable is $100,000 per occurrence or up to $500,000 for multiple occurrences in the same policy year. There is no retainer or deductible.

For details and to sign up for – the price is just $95 a year.

If you are CSSA member – you are eligible for a $10 discount. Click on “Buy Now” and enter the following exclusive club code to access your savings: CSSA001. No one is required to disclose any information about firearms in your possession.

Firearm Legal Defence insurance covers:

• Defence from prosecution should you be charged with an offence arising out of the use, storage, display, transportation or handling of a firearm
• Cases where a firearm is used in self-defence, the defence of a person under your protection or the defence of your property
• Appealing an event where a licensing, regulatory or judicial authority refuses to renew, suspends, revokes, cancels or alters the terms of your firearms license. Note that this provision does not apply to new license applications

It will pay for:

• The cost of retaining a lawyer or other appointed representative, including court fees, experts’ fees, police reports and medical reports
• Costs awarded by the court to opponents in civil cases if the insured person has been ordered to pay them, or pays them with the agreement of the insurance company
• Lost salary or wages for the time the insured is off work to attend court or any other hearing at the request of the appointed representative, up to a maximum of $500 per day, and $10,000 in total

FIREARM LEGAL DEFENCE is the insurance that every responsible and licensed firearms owner has been waiting for, to be protected, to be insured, to be safe not sorry – act now!



The CSSA is the voice of the sport shooter and firearms enthusiast in Canada. Our national membership supports and promotes Canada’s firearms heritage, traditional target shooting competition, modern action shooting sports, hunting, and archery. We support and sponsor competitions and youth programs that promote these Canadian heritage activities.

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