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Trump: ‘A Country That Cannot Protect Its Borders Will Not Last’

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Trump: ‘A Country That Cannot Protect Its Borders Will Not Last’

Our government should immediately stop sending money to Mexico. USMC Sgt. Tahmooressi sacrified for our country, and while Obama is welcoming illegals, our Marine is locked in a Mexican jail. Mexico is allowing tens of thousands to go through their country and to our very stupid “open door” at the Mexican border. Frankly, Sgt. Tahmooressi is the only person who can’t come into our country!

What is wrong with this picture? It’s clear to me that a country that cannot protect its borders will not last. What about the people at home? We are not caring for our own. That should be our focus. Our president’s focus has been made clear already—he was in Texas but he was too busy playing pool and fundraising to visit the border—or USMC Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Citizens are becoming outraged by this latest “folly”—just one of many—by our government. There is a lack of control that cannot continue for much longer without severe repercussions. Countries that have had their borders overrun are quick to remedy the situation (or to at least try to). Some people believe that this could be part of Obama’s plan to destroy this country—I personally think it is pure and simple incompetence. His indifference has become apparent.

Mexican leadership has been laughing at us for many years, but now it’s no longer laughter—it’s disbelief. They cannot believe what they are getting away with and have absolutely no respect for our leader.

We cannot, as a nation, continue this way. The underlying fear now is that Obama has planned it that way. As dramatic as that may sound, the indications are there. The question now is what do we do about it? Can we do anything about it? And the most important question: Will we do anything about it?

The problem is easy to solve with leadership. We don’t have leadership in any capable capacity. It is a sad time for America.

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