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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #186

rights and freedom

In this issue:

Dr. Mike Ackermann Spells it out for Canada’s Rights-Illiterate Supreme Court
Firearm Politics: Media Cites Supreme Court “Facts” To Show Gun Ownership Not A Right
Music: Celtic Rocker Leah McHenry is Gives You Her Music for Free (limited time offer!)
Freedom of Speech: Canadian Anti-Hate Laws and Freedom of Expression
Freedom of Speech: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 3] by Marc Lemire
Property Rights: High River RCMP Firearm Seizures
Firearms Act: Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney Trashes PEI CFO Vivian Hayward
Firearm Training: How to Out-Think, Out-Shoot and Prevail on the Street, in Combat or Self-Defense

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