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Partier in Chief – Above The Law

Partier in Chief – Above The Law

Brian Lovig talks about Obama fundraising, Quebec politicians that think they are above the law, and Transparency for Indian Chiefs pay

The criticism of President Barack Obama as tone-deaf and near-absent is rising as the commander in chief continues his vacation and campaign fundraising — even as international crises continue to deepen.

The political optics are poor for Obama, who is vacationing on upscale Martha’s Vineyard where’s he’s been photographed golfing, and as he continues to attend high-dollar fundraisers, seen as crucial for congressional Democrats in tight midterm elections, USA Today reports.

Republicans are outraged by the president’s seeming disconnect and have called on him to cancel a private-home fundraiser in Tisbury, Mass., on Monday that is set to raise funds for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

“Our country’s foreign policy is in shambles. We are facing so many security crises, yet President Obama’s instinct is to head to Martha’s Vineyard to fundraise for Democrats,” Republicans said in a statement.

The Wall Street Journal notes that Obama has attended 40 fundraisers this year — nine in California — with 10 big-money events last month, far exceeding former Republican President George W. Bush, but coming nowhere close to popular Democrat Bill Clinton.

Lise Thibault

The 73-year-old faces fraud charges for allegedly bilking taxpayers of $700,000 between 1997 and 2007.

She’s challenging the charges under the principle that as the Queen’s representative she “can do no wrong” and as such is above the law.

The royal prerogative is a collection of rights held by the Queen or her designates — the governor general and lieutenant-governors — that can technically override Canadian law. The prerogative rests upon the principle that the Crown cannot prosecute itself.

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