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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #189

rights and freedom

In this issue:
• The Militarization of Our Police: Whatever happened to “Serve and Protect”?
• Freedom of Speech: Pro-Lifers File Lawsuit Against Radical Maine Law Prohibiting Pro-Life Free Speech
• Self-Defense: If you think guns aren’t required when riots break out, think again
• Civil Forfeiture: Citizens shaken down by the state
• Firearm Politics: Second Amendment Foundation Beats Back Local Gun Laws Across America
• Court Decisions: U.S. Federal Judge Catherine C. Blake Makes Asinine Decision in 2nd Amendment Case
• Human Rights: Principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus: Racism is Alive and Well in America
• Police Misconduct: Ferguson — When Assholes Collide
• Officer Down: Mendota Heights Officer Scott Patrick: End of Watch July 30, 2014.
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