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Prisoners Sue Government – Speak English

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Prisoners Sue Government – Speak English

Four inmates from Collins Bay Institution are suing the federal government in an attempt to overturn last October’s decision to cut inmate pay by 30%.

The inmate pay scale was established in 1981 in response to the MacGuigan Report. It was based on the then-minimum wage and the assumption that the average person uses 85% of their wage for essentials such as food, accommodation and clothing. Inmates received a maximum of $6.90 a day under the original scale — 15% of the minimum wage — but more typically just $3 a day.

Speak English

The City Council passed new rules requiring drivers have proof of basic English skills, as well as making sure cars are eight years old or newer and that drivers wear “professional” clothing. The move came after a massive wave of complaints from the public of drivers not understanding instructions, getting lost, and drivers having “bad hygiene.”
English-speaking drivers in America? Sounds like common sense, right?
You’d not only be wrong, you’d be RACIST:
The Sacramento Taxicab Union vehemently opposes the new regulations, saying they are discriminatory, mainly against the heavily-Muslim “immigrants” who drive cabs there.
Kazman Zaidi is the president of the Sacramento Taxicab Union, which denounced the new regulations.
Zaidi is left wondering if drivers like Raheem will be able to keep working .
“Why is the city causing trouble for our cab drivers?” he said. “This is really racial discrimination.”

New Sacramento Rule Will Require All Taxi Drivers to Speak English