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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #191

rights and freedom

In this issue:
• Child Rape Victims Dismissed by Police, Child Care Agencies & Town Officials due to Offenders’ Race
• Freedom of Speech: Publisher Arthur Topham Silenced Just A Little Bit More by Court Order
• Freedom of Speech: Harry Reid Uses Constitutional Amendment to Silence NRA’s Free Speech
• Privacy Rights: Microsoft Takes a Stand against U.S. Federal Government
• Firearm Politics: JPFO Merges with Second Amendment Foundation
• Firearm Politics: A Message from Massad Ayoob re: JPFO Merger with 2A Foundation
• Freedom of Religion: Islam’s Non-Compete Clause
• Human Rights: Abortion is Perfectly Fine, But Don’t Disturb the Pregnant Pandas
• Police Misconduct: Police Dismiss, Hide Allegations of Rape, Sexual Abuse because Offenders are Pakistani
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