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Baylor University Student Senate Approves Concealed Carry On Campus


Baylor University Student Senate Approves Concealed Carry On Campus

The Baylor University Student Senate has approved concealed carry of handguns on campus “for students, faculty, staff and guests who hold concealed handgun licenses.”

The Waco Tribune-Herald reports the measure was sponsored by Baylor senior Gannon McCahill, who watched news of a gunman on Seattle Pacific University in June. That university is near his hometown and he was bothered by the students’ inability to defend themselves.

McCahill said:

Our whole purpose…[with] this bill was to increase safety on campus, and the best way to do that, as we see it, is to allow concealed carry. Regardless of how great our police department is, which it is a very highly ranked and well-respected police department, they can’t protect us in a situation where there’s a shooter in a classroom and the door’s locked.

The student senate vote on the measure was carried out behind closed doors because the crowds which had gathered for hearings on the matter were so large. The exact tally of the vote has not been released.

The measure now goes to Student Body President Dominic Edwards, who “has seven days to decide whether to [sign or] veto the legislation.” It then goes to Baylor administration for approval.

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