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Baylor Arms Students – Governor Overruled

Baylor Arms Students – Governor Overruled

Brian Lovig Discusses

Baylor University’s student senate has approved a resolution that would allow students and others who have concealed handgun permits to carry their guns on the Waco campus.
It still needs approval of the Baylor board of regents before it takes effect. And the student body president, Dominic Edwards, could veto the measure over the next seven days.
School spokeswoman Lori Fogleman tells the Waco Tribune-Herald that Baylor officials believe allowing the guns would create security challenges.
The resolution approved Thursday was written by 20-year-old senior Gannon McCahill after a student was killed and two others wounded in shooting this year at a university near his hometown of Seattle.
Texas law allows college students with concealed carry licenses to have guns in a locked compartment in their car on campus.

Governor Overruled

During a special session called by the Missouri legislature specifically to consider Governor Ray Nixon’s veto of Senate Bill 656, lawmakers voted to override his veto on Wednesday. The new law will considerably expand Second Amendment rights for citizens of the state.
It prevents local municipalities from passing laws that ban open carry. In essence, the new law now makes open carry legal throughout Missouri.
SB 656 also lowers the age to obtain a concealed carry permit from 21 to 19. And it prohibits law-enforcement officers from detaining or disarming citizens unless there is “reasonable and articulable suspicion of criminal activity.” Put simply, there will be no New York City-style “stop and frisk” incidents in the Show-Me State.

Assault Rifle Made up Name

Fox News host Tucker Carlson wasn’t just outraged that New York police tried to enforce assault weapons laws he doesn’t like, he announced that there is no such thing as an assault weapon to begin with.

Last week, an Albion, New York gun shop was discovered to be unintentionally selling AR-15s that violated the state’s assault weapons ban. As co-owner Joseph Palumbo explained it on Fox & Friends this weekend, the police wanted the names and contact information of about 170 customers who had purchased what Palumbo had thought were legally modified AR-15s. Host Carlson was firmly on the side of gun owners and not so firmly on the side of anyone who might possibly get shot.
When told by Palumbo that New York has “a pretty strict assault weapon ban,” Carson replied:
“We should be clear for our viewers, assault weapon is a made up term and there really is no such thing as an assault weapon.”