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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #195

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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #195

In this issue:

Anti-Fur Activists Rejoiced Until Public Safety Minister Blaney Reversed RCMP Decision on Muskrat Hats
Freedom of Speech: British Columbia Attorney General Suzanne Anton is too Cowardly to Answer for Arthur Topham Prosecution
Self-Defense: Airdrie liquor store Clerk turns the tables on would-be armed robber
Firearm Politics: Court Sides With SAF On Key Points In Challenge of Chicago Gun Range Law
Gun Tech: Ghost Gunner – “The Greatest Do-It-Yourself Product in History”
Constitutional Rights: Presumption of Innocence: Julie Guindon v. Her Majesty The Queen
Nanny State: R. v. Jones, R v. Schmidt
Freedom of Religion: Why I Want My Shooting Range to be a Muslim-Free Zone by Jan Morgan
Liberty: How a Quebec Booze Run Could Improve Commerce and Liberty in Canada By Marni Soupcoff
RCMP Hypocrisy: RCMP Hypocrisy in Reporting Sex Offender Cases Continues When Offender is a Cop

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