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Team CSSA E-NEWS – October 23, 2014

Team CSSA E-NEWS – October 23, 2014


Apparently Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne does not like guns or gun owners. In her mandate letter to Ontario Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi, Premier Wynne made her government’s position clear. She wants “to keep guns out of Ontario and handguns off our streets,” and she doesn’t care how that happens.

Her directive to Minister Naqvi says, in part: “Your ministry’s specific priorities include: continuing to develop measures to keep guns out of Ontario and handguns off our streets. This issue requires engagement at all levels of government.”

What does this actually mean for Ontario’s law-abiding gun owners? It’s impossible to say with certainty, but given the Ontario Liberal Party’s appalling standards of transparency, honesty and truth, a number of speculations can be inferred.

We already know from past experience that many Ontario police services view law-abiding gun owners as a threat – perhaps greater than violent criminals and gangs.

The prosecution of Ian Thomson of Port Colbourne, Ontario, is the poster case. Despite men trying to kill Ian Thomson by burning him alive, police charged Thomson with a crime after he rightfully defended himself, contending he “retrieved his firearm too quickly” for it to be legally stored in his gun safe.

Thomson was clearly not the criminal in this case. The men attempting to murder him were; but strangely, it seemed police placed their emphasis on Mr. Thomson’s actions.

The Harper government has tabled legislation attenuating much of the discretionary powers of Chief Firearms Officers. Until that legislation passes, will Premier Wynne use the Ontario CFO office to harass Ontario’s law-abiding firearms owners?

Premier Wynne could implement a provincial gun registry. But Wynne faces a number of problems if she does, none larger than her own government’s utter failure to control spending. With her current mantra of “fiscal prudence” as a backdrop, she will be hard-pressed to retain voter support when the costs spiral out of control as they did with the federal gun registry. Fierce opposition and low compliance from Ontario gun owners will have her reaching for migraine headache pills.

Stating “all levels of government must be engaged” means Wynne wants Minister Naqvi to lobby the federal government so Wynne can get what she wants. If Justin Trudeau moves into 24 Sussex, all bets are off. Mr. Trudeau’s commitment to a consistent firearms policy is … uh … somewhat variable. It seems that English Canada will be told one thing while Quebecers will be told something very different. It seems he hasn’t figured out that translators exist.

And let’s not discount her potential involvement in municipal affairs. In fact, in recent years, municipal governments have emerged as a deadly enemy to shooting ranges and firearms businesses. It behooves all gun owners to heed the lessons taught to our community by former Toronto Mayor David Miller.

In short, there is no lack of things Premier Wynne could toss at the wall. All she needs is for one to stick, and she’s away to the races.

Is the battle against gun owners one she can win? We don’t think so, but Premier Wynne could make things very uncomfortable for Ontario’s law-abiding gun owners in the short term if she decides to take action based on this mandate letter.

The short term solution is for all gun owners in Ontario to contact their M.P.P.s and make certain their views are known.


“Allan Rock said he came to Ottawa with the belief that only the police and military should have firearms. I believe that firearms ownership is a right, but a right that comes with responsibilities” – Hon. Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety


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WORLD’S LEADING SHOOTERS TO MEET IN GABALA: Gabala, one of the popular cities in Azerbaijan, will again host the world’s leading shooters at the final of the World Cup on October 22-28. The leading shooters in the World Ranking of the International Federation of Sport Shooting will compete at Gabala Shooting Club. The competition consists of seven rounds. Earlier rounds were held during the year in the U.S., Germany, Spain, Slovenia, and Kazakhstan. At these landmark events, the shooters fought for the right to participate in the final stage of the World Cup 2014 in Gabala. The final tournament is co-organized by Gabala Shooting Club, National Shooting Federation and supported by the National Olympic Committee, Youth and Sports Ministry and the International Shooting Sport Federation.

About 280 of best shooters of the world will compete for the main title in the Olympic disciplines of the pistol and shotgun shooting. During the tournament, the shooting club will host some 500 representatives of sports delegations from 40 countries, including President of ISSF Olegario Vazquez Rana, General Secretary of ISSF Franz Schreiber, and President of the European Confederation of Vladimir Lisin.

According to the schedule of ISSF, the finale of the World Cup 2014 is the most important sport event after the World Cup and Europe Cup. Azerbaijan will be represent by Nurlana Jafarova, Emin Jafarov in shotgun shooting, and Irada Ashumova, Ruslan Lunev in pistol shooting. The competition will be broadcasted on the official channel of the ISSF on October 23-27. Official partners of the tournament are Gilan Holding, Jale, Milla, LG, I’m tea, Zolotoy sad, Bagdan, Chipsim, SUIS and Adamas. Earlier, Gabala hosted International Grand Prix Shotgun. The shooting club will also host World Cup in 2015, where the Olympic licenses will be issued. (By Nigar Orujova – 20 October 2014, 11:48 (GMT+05:00)

HUNTER SAYS PM ON TARGET. POLITICS: HARPER IN SAULT FOR TALK THAT AIMS AT CONSERVATION, HUNTING AND FISHING: Dave McKinney calls Prime Minister Stephen Harper a straight shooter when it comes to looking out for hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

The retired Essar Steel Algoma millwright is an avid outdoors-man, getting his first hunting and fishing licences when he was 14. He owns two hunt camps north and east of Sault Ste. Marie.

McKinney was one of 100 to see Harper take part in a question and answer session with Angelo Lombardo, executive director of Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Friday at Algoma’s Water Tower Inn. McKinney is a OFAH member, getting his membership with the fish and wildlife conservation organization about seven years ago.

“(Harper)’s sticking behind his guns and he’s standing behind the people that commit their life to hunting and fishing,” McKinney told reporters after the 30-minute session. “He said years ago that he was going to preserve our rights. He’s sticking to his guns and staying with us. That’s what impressed me.”

Harper took no questions from the audience or the media during the morning session. He shared the podium with Lombardo. To the prime minister’s right was a table filled with outdoor gear including a paddle, fishing net, snowshoes and an orange ball cap.

Harper touted his government’s conservation efforts, saying no other federal leadership has safeguarded more land, wetland and marine area -and made them available to Canadians through its own actions and partnering with other organizations.

“We don’t conserve for the purpose of shutting Canadians out of these areas and creating vast no-go zones,” he told Lombardo. “We create these things so that, not only we’ll sustain biological diversity, but these activities we’re talking about can be enjoyed and people can truly appreciate the land.”

Harper’s Conservative government introduced a National Conservation Plan in its 2013 Speech from the Throne. Its priorities include creating new parks, safeguarding ecologically sensitive lands, protecting species at risk and boosting water quality.

Also in 2013, the federal government created a Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program. Its goal is to better conserve recreational fisheries habitat.

Harper was a Calgary West MP for the Reform Party when Jean Chretien’s Liberal government introduced Canadian Firearms Registry in 1993. He told the audience he saw the legislation as an “expensive and ineffective policy that would inconvenience a lot of people.”

His government ended the registry in 2012.

“The vast majority of Canadian gun owners are firm advocates of sensible and protective gun control measures,” said Harper. “They’re saying have gun regulations that are effective, ensure safety and deal with the criminal issues. That’s what we tried to do.”

Conservative faithful were in the audience, including former federal candidate Doug Lawson and Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Vic Fedeli. There were also business and community leaders including Guillermo Moreno (managing director) and David McHattie (vice-president, industrial relations-Canada) of Tenaris, Phil Becker, general manager of Sault Ste. Marie Bridge Authority, Brenda Stenta, manager of corporate communications for Essar Steel Algoma, Tom Vair, executive director of Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre and Mayor Debbie Amaroso.

The prime minister toured Essar Steel Algoma in the afternoon before attending a Conservative event at Delta Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront Hotel and Conference Centre Friday night. (Brian Kelly, The Sault Star – October 17, 2014)

KENORA NORDIC AND BIATHOLON LOOKING TO EXPAND YOUTH PARTICIPATION THIS WINTER: Although the snow has yet to stick, members of the Kenora Nordic and Biathlon Club are preparing for the upcoming 2014/15 season. And like the Kenora Rowing Club did this year, the biathletes in Kenora are using their partnership with Kenora Nordic to hopefully increase the number of young biathletes this year and going forward. ([email protected])

See the rest:

TURKEYS IN TIGHT: It’s opening day of the turkey season in Ontario, Canada, and Paul Beasley is taking his father, Ken Beasley, out for his first turkey! Opening day starts with a bang, as the strutter comes in for a fight!

GIRLS LEADING WAY IN NEW GUN TREND AS PARENTS TELL ANTI-GUN LOBBY TO BACK OFF: Queensland schoolgirls are picking up guns in record numbers. Recreation and competition shooting associations are reporting a surge in junior members, particularly girls, a trend that is firing up Gun Control Australia which is pushing for a ban on under-18s handling firearms. The Sporting Shooters’ Association of Australia has several thousand Queensland children as members and president Geoff Jones reports a recent spike in girls’ involvement. There is a similar trend in competition shooting. In 2010, 18 per cent of Queensland Target Shooters juniors were female. This year one third are girls. In Queensland, kids aged 11 and over can obtain a minor’s gun licence.

Gun Control Australia has urged a Senate inquiry into firearms to lift the legal age to 18, a move that shooting bodies and parents warn will end Australia producing elite shooting champions. “The reason why so many parents are happy to have their kids involved is because they see the rigid safety protocol,” Mr Jones said. “We have a great reputation for safety in Australia and we are reaping the rewards of that in junior participation. There is only one live round in the gun, kids use age appropriate weapons -no semi-automatics – and there are step-by-step safety rules.”

Jamie Webb, who coaches kids at national and state level in target shooting, said: “Anti-gun lobbyists will put an end to the country’s participation in the sport and it makes no sense. The levels of safety for our shooters is the best in the world and I know of no dangerous incidents.”

Queensland Police confirmed 687 minors gun licences were issued in the last year but Mr Webb says that is one tenth of the unlicensed kids who shoot at ranges. Gun Control Australia spokesman Roland Browne told The Courier-Mail age of 18. “There is no evidence to support that. The minimum age set by the National Firearms Agreement in 1996 was 18. The gun lobby assures us kids are safe with guns. My son, when 11 years of age, could not avoid pointing a torch into the eyes of those around him. The idea he could avoid pointing a gun is absurd,” Mr Browne said. “Our concern is that teaching kids to shoot ought not be seen as a simple training exercise, like learning golf. Guns – even with only one round of ammunition – can kill, and do so.

I’m sure the gun instructor who died in the US recently believed safety was paramount, too,” he said. Toowoomba’s David Martinelli supports his 14-year-old daughter’s target shooting. “She uses a .22 air rifle Olympic grade and it is a sport that requires amazing discipline,” he said. “She has learned to be very focused and professional. There is no comparison to other countries like the US. In Queensland the safety procedures are unbelievably tight.

“The gun is not loaded until she is in position and is just ready to begin shooting. There will be no future for shooting as a sport if we don’t allow our kids to learn,” he said.

Seventeen-year old Monika Woodhouse is a national shooter and has represented Australia at the Youth Olympic Games. She is an expert in 10m air rifle. “I understand people have a fear of firearms because there are and the sport of shooting,” Monika’s mum Izabela said. “The anti-gun people should pay the shooting range a visit to see what goes on. I have no fear for my daughter. Not only do children need to start early to grasp the techniques but there is great benefits to children learning the safety discipline and it becoming ingrained. “Monika has a gun licence but never uses the rifle away from the shooting range. And when she travels for competition the gun is in the coach’s possession at all times,” she said. (Jackie Sinnerton, The Courier-Mail – October 20, 2014)

GRIZZLY BEAR ENTERED CLAUDIA HUBER’S HOUSE BEFORE FATAL ATTACK — COUPLE FLED HOME PURSUED BY GRIZZLY: The grizzly bear that killed Claudia Huber on the weekend came into her house through a window, then pursued Huber and her husband when they ran outside, says Yukon’s coroner.

In a news release, Kirsten Macdonald says a male bear came onto the rural property around 11 a.m. Saturday, alerting the family dog.

Huber’s husband, Matthias Liniger, went outside to calm the dog, saw the bear approaching and went back inside to get his rifle.

The bear then went inside through a window.

“Huber and her spouse ran outside the home, at which time the bear pursued them,” the release says. “Huber suffered serious injuries, the full extent of which will be revealed through an autopsy.”

The coroner says Huber fled from her home after the bear had entered through a window. (Cheryl Kawaja/CBC)

Liniger shot and killed the bear and drove Huber to the health centre in Teslin, about 50 kilometres away.

Huber, 42, was pronounced dead just after noon.

An autopsy will be performed this week.

A necropsy on the bear has already been completed.

The Yukon Coroner’s Service, Yukon Department of Environment, Teslin and Whitehorse RCMP, Yukon Major Crimes and Forensic Identification Units are all investigating. (CBC News Posted – October 20, 2014)


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