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Ohio GOP Lawmakers Using Historic Majority to Peel Back Gun Control


Ohio GOP Lawmakers Using Historic Majority to Peel Back Gun Control

On November 4, Ohio’s GOP lawmakers secured a historic majority in the state House and maintained dominating control of the state Senate. They are now preparing to use that majority to peel back gun control, as well as expand Ohioans’ exercise of Second Amendment rights.

According to The Washington Times, the Ohio Senate is considering legislation that reduces gun control by easing restrictions on concealed carry weapons permits (CCWs). The new legislation would allow Ohioans to acquire a CCW in eight hours instead of twelve and would open the door for active military to carry concealed without going through the permit process.

The legislation would also allow anyone who has completed “state police academy training” to carry without going through the CCW process.

Other legislation being pushed would allow hunters to use suppressors (silencers) on their firearms in certain hunting conditions. Texas has a similar allowance, and Florida recently went that way, as well. The pro-suppressor legislation is sponsored by Representative Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City). reported that GOP representatives emerged from November 4 holding 65 of 99 seats in the Ohio House, the largest majority either party has held since 1967. Sixty representatives or greater is a supermajority in Ohio.

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