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Libs Say Tax Gas More – Majority Oppose Immigration Reform


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Libs Say Tax Gas More – Majority Oppose Immigration Reform

Cheap Oil Arrives So Democrat Rep Wants to Boost Fuel Taxes

Gasoline prices are in free fall. And after last week’s OPEC decision to keep pumping oil at the same rate despite a growing international glut, they’re only going to go lower in the weeks ahead.

At the end of July, the average price of a gallon of gas was $3.50, about what it’s been for several years. By Thanksgiving, though, the average price was $2.78 and falling fast, almost day by day.

This is similar to a massive tax cut, and it will mostly benefit working class Americans. If you have to drive to work, as most Americans do, you have to buy gas. No matter what the price. So a 50 cent (or 75 cent, or more) per gallon drop means you get to work with more money in your pocket. All told, Americans could save $125 billion — or more, if crude prices keep falling.

So, naturally, at least one Democratic member of Congress wants to jack up gas taxes.

“All it takes is a little leadership and courage, like Ronald Reagan and (House Speaker) Tip O’Neill did 32 years ago,” Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) announced on the House floor. He wants to increase the 18.4-cent-per-gallon federal gas levy.

Majority Oppose Immigration Reform

A new national poll conducted by Pew Research has found that 60% of Americans oppose the comprehensive immigration reform legislation President Barack Obama has been pushing.

The survey found that “only about a third of the public (32%) approves of the job Obama is doing on immigration policy.” In February of 2013, when Obama started to make his push for comprehensive immigration reform along with Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and John McCain (R-AZ), only 43% of Americans disapproved of Obama’s immigration agenda. In June, when the Senate was passing its comprehensive immigration reform bill, 47% of Americans disapproved of Obama’s immigration agenda.

More Americans have grown to dislike the proposed comprehensive immigration reform plan as more details about it has come out, such as the Congressional Budget Office’s determination that the Senate’s immigration bill would reduce the wages of working class Americans.

In addition, 65% of Americans disapprove of the job Obama is doing on the economy. As Breitbart News reported, another 720,000 Americans left the labor force in October, lowering the labor force participation rate to 62.8%, “the lowest level since 1978.”

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