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Mulclair New Gun Registry – Libs Forced Pension

Mulclair New Gun Reistry – Libs Forced Pension

Today Brian Lovig Talks about Mulclair New Gun Reistry – Libs Forced Pension

Leader Tom Mulcair said Wednesday a New Democrat government would create a gun registry that would allow police to track every firearm in Canada.
Mulcair stopped short of saying that he wants to reconstitute the long-gun registry, which the Tories did away with in 2012. He said the registry, brought in by the previous Liberal government, was problematic.
“There has to be a way to get this done to ensure public protection without going overboard,” Mulcair said.
Farmers and hunters strenuously objected to the registry, but Mulcair says requiring firearms to be registered is no different than the obligation to register a car or license a dog. And he says duck hunters don’t need assault rifles, unless they’re planning to shoot a pterodactyl.

Libs Forced Pension

A new made-in-Ontario pension plan will expand retirement incomes for three million workers in the province, but exclude millions of others who already have workplace plans or are in federally regulated industries such as banking.
Ontario’s Liberal government unveiled its Ontario Retirement Pension Plan (ORPP) in Thursday’s provincial budget, saying it will act as a top-up to the Canada Pension Plan to improve retirement incomes for most workers. The initiative will be introduced in conjunction with a new voluntary savings program known as the Pooled Registered Pension Plan as a further boost to Ontario residents’ options to save for retirement.

Victoria Mayor’s Pledge

There’s a different mayor in Victoria, and a different way of taking the oath of office too.
Lisa Helps was inaugurated as the new mayor of Victoria today, but she declined to take an allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II.
“I have nothing against the Queen, but I do strongly support our Songhees and Esquimalt nations,” said Helps after the meeting.
“This is their territory, and if there’s anything to emphasize, it’s that.”
Helps swore an oath of allegiance three years ago when she was sworn in as a city councillor, and four of seven councillors did the same this year. Marianne Alto, Ben Isitt and Jeremy Loveday joined Helps in declining to make the pledge, which isn’t mandatory.
The change may seem minor. But in a city named for a Queen – and a province named to celebrate her empire – the decision raised some eyebrows.
“I know a lot of monarchists voted for Lisa Helps, and they’re disappointed today,” said Bruce Hallsor of the Monarchist League of Canada.

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