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‘Nearly 100′ PA Municipalities on Notice: Lawsuits Coming Over Gun Control

‘Nearly 100′ PA Municipalities on Notice: Lawsuits Coming Over Gun Control

One week ago, a new Pennsylvania law brought local gun regulations in line with the state’s firearm preemption rules by allowing residents to sue their municipalities for local “ordinances that regulated the ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of guns or ammunition.”

The law allows organizations like the NRA to sue on behalf of group members who are Pennsylvania residents.

According to ABC News, attorney Joshua Prince has already put “nearly 100 municipalities on notice” that suits are coming their way if they do not repeal their strict gun control regulations. In response, 22 municipalities have repealed their gun control regulations or signaled their intention to do so.

The law, Act 192, was signed by former Gov. Tom Corbett (R) on October 28. It does not require gun owners “to prove they have been harmed by the local measures” before challenging them, but in the event that they have been harmed, it allows them to “seek damages.”

On November 10, Lancaster Online quoted state senator Lloyd Smucker (R-West Lampeter): “There are 2,600 municipalities in Pennsylvania. The argument that we should have consistencies in gun laws [in all these municipalities] really does make sense.”

Breitbart News previously reported that the cities of Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia tried to block the law’s implementation.

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