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Trudeau & Obama Failures – Obama’s Free College

Trudeau & Obama Failures – Obama’s Free College

Today Brian Lovig talks about Trudeau & Obama Failures – Obama’s Free College

More talk about Canada’s middle class as Justin Trudeau laments the economic plight of those suffering under the yoke of Conservative tyranny.
Yes folks, if only we had another round of Trudeaunomics, all would be well in the land.
At his rally this week in Edmonton, Trudeau said, “We need to build an economy that truly works for the middle class, one that gives the largest number of good jobs to the largest number of people and gives all Canadians a real and fair chance at success.”
So … the current economy doesn’t work for Canada’s middle class? Is that really true?
The key wedge issue words here are “fair chance at success.” This is in perfect lockstep with the Obama campaign playbook — whip up grievances aimed at convincing voters they’re not getting a fair shake.
It may be a false narrative but the faithful liberal media will report it as fact and it will be accepted at face value by their highly coveted low-information voters.

Obama’s Free College

President Obama recently announced a plan to provide two years of tuition-free community college, but qualified that statement by adding, “Now, there are no free rides in America.”
The qualification was clearly necessary because, according to White House estimates, this “free” college is going to cost federal taxpayers $60 billion over ten years. Add to that the $20 billion the states will need to provide, and now the grand total equals $80 billion, as was noted in The Washington Examiner.
Obama is slated to provide a cost breakdown for this plan in next month’s budget and discuss the plan more during his upcoming State of the Union address. outlined some of the key problems with the president’s “free” college plan Friday in an article titled, “Six Things Obama Didn’t Tell You About His ‘Free’ College Tuition Plan.”
Besides it not being free after all, community colleges will be drowned in red tape as each school will undoubtedly be put through the rigmarole of endless federal paperwork.

Wild Animals in Your House

A cougar with a taste for house pets is prowling in the Metro Vancouver community of Belcarra, just west of Port Moody.
RCMP were called to the wooded, rural neighbourhood overlooking Indian Arm at about 8:20 Tuesday night when a family reported the cougar had snatched their dog.
A 16-year-old tried to scare off the big cat, but it took a swipe at him, too, before dropping its prey.
The pooch was pulled to safety, but the cougar prowled around the house for several minutes before slinking away.
A conservation officer has been called to the area but there’s no word if the cougar has been tracked.
Area residents report seeing it in the neighbourhood and also say several house cats have recently vanished.

A homeowner in Kettle Valley met an unwelcome intruder in his garage recently after the intruder tried to take off with his cat.

The seemingly cuddly bobcat (pictured above) snatched a Kettle Valley man’s cat and nearly got away with it, if it weren’t for some helpful neighbours.

“Apparently, his neighbours saw this bobcat grab a hold of his cat and proceed to drag it off, so they ran after the bobcat, and the bobcat released the cat, and they both ran into the bush. When they got a hold of the house cat’s owner, they were very upset because they didn’t know if his cat was hurt, so they started to look for it,” says Stephen Wells, president and general manager of Kettle Valley Development.

Fortunately, the cat did make it back to the home on Mountainside Drive and was reportedly unscathed.

“They brought the cat into the house through the garage, and the family went into the house … the homeowner went to close the garage door, and once the door was closed he heard a funny noise. He said it sounded like a click or a real low growl, and when he turned around here is the bobcat perched on a shelf near the front of his garage,” says Wells.

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