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South Carolina Tea Party Convention Shows Growing Power of Movement


South Carolina Tea Party Convention Shows Growing Power of Movement

The 2015 South Carolina Tea Party Convention was a phenomenal success on many fronts and caught the mainstream media totally off balance. It was too big to ignore, too American to trash, too positive to criticize, and too candid to berate.

It is not the death of the Tea Party that was celebrated but perhaps the death of “political correctness,” as speaker after speaker exposed the truth and offered solutions in their areas of their expertise.

There were panels on National Security, Electro Magnetic Pulse dangers, Free Market replacement plans for Obamacare, authoritative testimony on Obama’s outrageous amnesty proposals and their catastrophic consequences. The presentations were met with eager ears, fed up with the deceit, deception, and lies spewed out from Washington.

This record audience of diverse people, from 28 states, drawn together by their love for America, came to unite and build up this nation, not to divide it and tear it down.

They were friendly, thoughtful, and courteous but also shared a passion and zeal for preserving freedom for future generations. They also took full advantage of the many training classes offered, to enable them to become more effective and efficient in communicating with their representatives.

The underlying tone was that just voting is not enough anymore, but citizens must take a more active role in government to ensure that campaign promises are met.

This was no angry mob, but everyday working American citizens brought together to exercise their First Amendment rights of Free Speech and Assembly in what became the kickoff to the 2016 Presidential election race.

The enthusiasm and electricity were palpable throughout the three-day convention, as it even further energized the stellar lineup of speakers.

Something historic happened in South Carolina last weekend and one thing is for sure: these people and millions like them are not going away.

Joe Dugan is the Chairman of the Board of the Myrtle Beach Tea Party.

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