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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #202

rights and freedom
Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #202

In this issue:
• It’s a Miracle! Publication of the Rights and Freedoms Bulletin Returns!
• Freedom of Speech: Environmental Group Attempts to Stifle Freedom of Speech
• Self-Defense: Stupid Human Tricks – Ohio Kid Gets Himself Killed Over a Pair of Air Jordan Shoes
• Privacy Violations: FBI Proves Again How Much Governments Despise Our Right to Privacy by Nicole Cardell
• Freedom of Speech: Bill Whatcott wins Defamation Lawsuit against the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
• Civil Forfeiture: Editorial: Stop Seizing Assets Without Charges
• Firearm Politics: Anti-Gun Individuals and Celebrities
• Firearm Politics: There’s No Money in Telling The Truth
• Firearms Act: “There’s Just More Guns in the City”
• History: Arming and Disarming: The History of Gun Control in Canada
• Firearms Act: The Canadian Way: 68-Year-Old Home Invasion Victim Charged With Crime
• Firearms Act: Download Non-Restricted and Restricted Firearms Course Books for Free
• Firearm Politics: St. Albert Gazette Editors Drink Thomas Mulcair’s Anti-Gun Koolaid
• Liberty: The Lesson of Charlie Perkins and the Story of Charlie’s Tree
• Police Misconduct: Halifax Regional Police Constables Jordan Gilbert and Mathew Poole Should Be Fired
Please read the latest Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin and let me know what you think!
Yours in Liberty,

Christopher di Armani
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