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Top secret Ex Cia black Ops Warns US Citizens Chip Tatum

Top secret Ex Cia black Ops Warns US Citizens Chip Tatum

During the last two days, I spoke with “dead” Chip Tatum, the long time CIA figure believed murdered years ago.

Tatum had been involved in assassinations for the U.S. Government and was tasked with killing a presidential third party candidate Ross Perot, a job he refused.
Tatum asked that his new status “among the living” be announced on Veterans Today, perhaps to help him remain among the living.


Now, Tatum is back to life, speaking out and spilling his guts on drug running, mortgage fraud and Bush/Ollie North era frauds.

In 1995 Gene Chip Tatum came to me through and mutual friend, Iran-Contra Whistleblower Al Martin to help promote Gene’s story on numerous talk radio programs that I had been on as a guest on.

Gene and I did many of programs as guests. In some cases the talk show hosts did not know what to ask Gene and allowed me to do the interviews, the above in just one of hundreds I saved and may even post to my website when I can get to those buried hidden tapes.

Gene delivered Cocaine to then Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton for his personal use at the orders of Vice President George HW Bush and worked in the George HW Bush Shadow Government “Operation Black Eagle” also known as Iran-Contra directly answering to Col. Oliver North and Money Laundered to this reporters ex-in-law Leonard Millman and his Denver, Colorado partners-“Buffer” Larry Mizel of MDC Holding, Inc a publicly traded company on the NYSE which was the parent company of Silverado Savings and Loan were Neil Bush the President’s son served on the Board of Directors as the CIA’s Narcotics Money Laundering operation. Gene’s Military career began in Vietnam with “Operation Red Rock” bringing Cambodian into the Vietnam War.

Yes I have recently communicated with Gene Tatum and he does not want to do any interviews at this time