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Largest Abandoned Factory in the World – Racial Profiling?

Largest Abandoned Factory in the World – Racial Profiling?

Today Brian Talks about Largest Abandoned Factory in the World – Racial Profiling?
Packard was once a premier nameplate in the United States, mentioned in the same breath as Duesenberg, Cadillac, Pierce-Arrow, and Lincoln. The crown jewel for Packard was the Packard Factory, a 3.5 million square-foot complex sprawling across 35 acres.

In the years following World War II, the Packard Motor Car Company struggled to keep pace with the larger automakers that had been buying-up the smaller companies to form “the Big Three.” Those not part of the Big Three had to merge to stay competitive: Kaiser and Willys formed Kaiser-Willys, Nash and Hudson formed American Motors, and Packard joined forces with Studebaker. The experiment was short-lived, however, and Packard plunged into bankruptcy soon after.

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Racial Profiling?

Ontario’s highest court will hear an appeal today from a man who argues his gun offence conviction is a result of racial profiling.

Richard Steele’s lawyers say in a factum filed with the court that Steele’s trial judge erred in failing to properly consider evidence of racial profiling in finding him guilty.

An Ontario Superior Court justice convicted Steele in 2010 of concealing a loaded handgun under the front passenger seat of his mother’s car after being pulled over in Hamilton. There were four black men in the car and Steele alleges he’s a victim of driving while black.

Court documents show his lawyer says the gun the officer found should have been excluded as evidence, because Const. Yvonne Stephens conducted an improper search of the vehicle.

The lawyer also maintains police only pulled the vehicle over because of the driver’s race and then violated Steele’s right to privacy.

The Crown denies racial profiling had anything to do with the incident, and says the officer’s behaviour was not unusual or racist.

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Feinstein to make over 1 Billion

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein is back in the news as the giant real estate investment firm run by her husband, Rich Blum, is possibly poised to earn as much as $1 billion in commissions from selling U.S. Postal Service buildings across the country.

Several years ago, Feinstein said that she exerted no influence in the process that led to Blum’s company, CBRE Group, then the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, obtaining an exclusive contract to market USPS facilities—as part of a larger federal effort to reduce the deficit.

Alberta Hotel Taxes and Fees


GST 5% No PST in Alberta
4% Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT)
The town of Banff applies an additional 2 % Tourism Improvement Fee (TIF)
Some cities in Alberta levy an additional Destination Marketing Fee (DMF, up to 3%) on top of the 4% MRDT

DMF: 3% Calgary, 3% Edmonton, 2% Jasper, 3% Canmore,2% Lethbridge, 2% Medicine Hat, 1% Camrose, 1% Grand Prairie, 1% Slave Lake, Corporate Hotel DMFs:3% Canalta Hotel Group,3% Pomeroy Group


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