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Photo Series: Women and the Guns They Carry


Photo Series: Women and the Guns They Carry

With nearly 200,000 Texan women possessing concealed carry permits, photographer and Texas native Shelley Calton is set to release a pictorial book titled Concealed: She’s Got a Gun.

According to Business Insider, the women photographed by Calton have various reasons for carrying a gun and various tastes in firearms, but all have one thing in common: they are willing to pull the trigger if push comes to shove.

Calton’s goal is to show women’s increasing participation and contribution to America’s gun culture.

The number of women receiving concealed carry permits in Texas has surged in recent years. For example, Austin’s KXAN reports that the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) issued 22,000 concealed carry permits to women in 2010. That number more than tripled in 2013, when TX DPS “issued nearly 67,000.” That’s a jump indicative of women’s growing involvement in shooting sports and in self-defense.

Calton’s book will go on sale in September.

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