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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #205

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Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin #205

In this issue:
• Sun News Network Disappears from Canada – A Sad Day for Freedom of the Press
• Thoughts For The Day: A few as we mourn the loss of Sun News Network
• Constitutional Rights: Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms Wins Another Court Battle
• Our God-Given (or Natural) Rights: Violence is Golden by Jack Donovan
• Liberty: Magna Carta – Our Shared Legacy of Liberty
• Police Misconduct: The Long-Awaited RCMP High River Report is Released
• Police Commendations: Nova Scotia RCMP Stop Planned Mass Shooting
• Firearm Training: How to Out-Think, Out-Shoot and Prevail on the Street, in Combat or Self-Defense
• Firearm Legal Defense: Police Can and Will Charge You Even When You Haven’t Broken Any Firearm Law
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