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Liberals are Nutz – Liberalism a Mental Disorder

Liberals are Nutz – Liberalism a Mental Disorder

The school where snow is BANNED
teachers ordered eight and nine-year-olds inside when it began snowing
Message on school website said staff took decision for ‘safety’ reasons
Angry parents said children were barred from even touching snow
Same school hit headlines after visiting reverend said Santa wasn’t real

When snow began to fall gently around their primary school, pupils were naturally excited.

But their joy quickly melted away when their teachers banned them from going near it – or even looking at it through the window.

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Louisiana Makes It Illegal To Use Cash For Secondhand Sales
from the the-other-side-of-the-bitcoin dept
One of the good features of cash is the fact that it can be used anonymously. It’s no surprise that the government hates that, but would you ever expect the government to actually outlaw the use of cash? Down in Louisiana, a recently passed law completely outlaws the use of cash in transactions for secondhand goods. When I read the story, I thought it was so crazy that it had to be a misunderstanding. I looked up the bill, and the original version of the bill actually does not have this clause. Instead, it requires that anyone selling secondhand goods make a detailed recording of any cash transaction. But somewhere along the way, that bill was amended, and the final version (embedded below) does, in fact, appear to ban cash transactions:

Ban toboggans

A fresh new fall of snow means one thing for most kids: time to hit the tobogganing slopes. But in several cities, finding hills where they’re allowed to slide is becoming more difficult, as several cities in Canada and the U.S. have begun imposing bans.

Many of these cities say that tobogganing is simply too dangerous and they worry about lawsuits if someone becomes badly injured on their property.

Tobogganing is inherently dangerous — that’s part of what makes it fun, many enthusiasts would argue. It involves sliding on a piece of plastic or wood that can’t really be steered and flying down a hill at high speeds, waiting to see where you end up.

Liberalism a Mental disorder

There are other symptoms that define NPD and the left alike…

Expecting constant praise and admiration
This is a staple of the Occupy movement and their constant ‘look at me’ media whoring. The need to feed their pride consumes them, fueling a self-importance that must continue to grow through perpetual media coverage.

Being jealous of others

The very premise on which the Occupy movement and the liberal platform of wealth redistribution are based is jealousy. They want what others have, and they want it without cost to themselves, either monetarily or based on time. They are envious of those with wealth, health insurance, homes, etc. It is a common attribute upon which all liberal protesters rally around.

Expecting others to go along with your ideas and plans

Is there anything that personified this more than the Obamacare fight? The measure was opposed by likely voters by a wide margin, 54-41 percent. Yet it was still rammed down the collective throats of the American people. Why? Because liberals honestly thought that once the plebeians had a chance to see their ideas, they would go along with it. Proof of this materialized when Nancy Pelosi uttered these famous words: “… We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”
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