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From Under What Rock Did The Neocons Emerge?


From Under What Rock Did The Neocons Emerge?

By Karl Schwarz

Many Americans have an impossible time clearly identifying what the Neocons really are and what an abomination of democracy, and fiscal, domestic and foreign policy they truly represent. To say the current DC-Neocon Business Plan sucks is being both civil and kind because it is far worse than ‘really sucks’.

If you will bear with me in this long article, you will probably be a wiser American with eyesight that is much clearer as to who and what the Neocons are and what they truly represent. It is bad news, but most people already know that. Americans just do not know how to put their finger on that ‘bad news’, know exactly what it is, and recognize it as the clear and present danger it is. This bad news has been over 3 decades in the making and you will learn a lot from this one article.

Part of my set of facts and information was due to being directly involved with RNC in Washington DC from 1990 to 1996 as a ‘true conservative’ and working with others that were dead set against the Neocons that pretend to be the “New Conservatives”. As if the millennium arriving and into the 21st Century the literal definition of conservative changed. There is nothing conservative about these people other than their use of the term “Neoconservatives”.

I have watched this very closely as to who, how and when they snuck or bullied their way into power and then to have done the damage they have done to the USA and targeted areas in the rest of the world.

This is an aside to the greater part of this article but is an example of Neocon lunacy. What is happening in Venezuela right now is the USA has been caught twice meddling in the Hugo Chavez and now Nicholas Maduro governments to implement a regime change. Part of the thirst for regime change is the now solid relationship between the Russia Federation and Venezuela.

President Maduro recently ordered the USA to reduce their Venezuela embassy to a maximum number of US staff even allowed in that nation. The order from the Venezuela president is to immediately reduce the staff to the bare minimum needed to maintain diplomatic relations. He absolutely has the right to do so even up to and including ordering the US Embassy to close and get out of Venezuela. That move by President Maduro was to kick out all of the US operatives sent to work on regime change and otherwise meddling in and interfering with the affairs of Venezuela.

The US response to that has been to propose more sanctions, when the original ones are absurd, bullying and overbearing, and now discussing even a naval blockade on a nation that is no threat or danger to the USA itself. The Russia-Venezuela relationship is only a threat to the Neocons and their lust for Global Empire America.

Now South America nations are offended and demanding the USA cease and desist with their actions against Venezuela, based on DC whims and misdeeds they got caught in the act doing.

Like the arrogant morons they are, they think they can get the smoke back in the jar in that China, Russia and now even the BRIC are a threat to their plans for empire. Every move these ‘Neocons’ make is making more enemies for America, but not the terrorist type. People are so fed up they are just turning their back on the USA and moving on. Now even long time US allies are turning their backs on the US dollar and defending their own nations and people from this endless string of stupid Neocon ideas and the devastating effects it is having on the USA and global economy.

Now as the BRIC Development Bank is a reality and cash rich China is rolling out the new AIIB [Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank] the ‘Bullies of DC’ are threatening even allies to not join or team up with the new Chinese bank. The UK, France and Germany already have, so now come the Neocon threats that nobody else better join the Chinese. They are and they will because they can clearly see these Neocons and their myopic vision of the world empire dominated by America is on the verge of collapse.

But who dreamed up this lunacy? What idiot or group of idiots claim to be conservatives and are not? That is the central question and information I am providing in this article.

The Far Left was only partially accurate when they labeled Bush-Cheney and their band of warmongering Neocon liars as fascists. I say partially right in that they are fascists, they are self-admitted Neocons, they are warmongers and damned ruthless about it. However, that is only part of the story because the terms and labels have changed even as many Americans have been watching but could not be quite sure what their eyes were seeing or their ears were hearing during the transition.

Fascism is by definition the corporatization and control of government. On that part, fascism is the right word to at least start looking in the right direction. However, the people that call themselves Neocons have gone far past any literal or liberalized definition of fascism. Now we have fascism as a synonym for something that is far more ominous than merely the government-corporate tango that is defined as fascism.

Now we have a new theology that is absolute corporate and government totalitarianism hiding behind the mask of the words ‘democracy’ and Neoconservative, or Neocons for short. What makes that even more ominous is there is a group of elitists in Washington DC hell bent on Global America Empire and think they know everything, but prove endlessly they really suck in thinking, planning, implementation or positive results. They have ‘no Mission Accomplished’ and the rest of the world knows that.

After Bush, we now have Obama and no change as promised. Many in the Far Left antiwar crowd are still scratching their heads trying to figure out how their ‘antiwar party’ has now become definitely just as ruthless and just as warmongering as Bush Cheney proved to be. Without remorse they lied, they fabricated wars and killed millions. Why is it that now both sides of the aisle are so alike in policies and actions that Americans on the conservative right and the liberal left can no longer distinguish any differences whatsoever between RNC and DNC, Republican or Democrat?

Truly, the only difference now is whether the DNC is in control of the 4th rate theater, or the RNC is. Both sides have no shortage whatsoever of bad actors pretending to be what they are not. The policies of both sides of the aisle are identical, only different names and faces in the DC photo ops.

What sort of collusion is going on behind the scenes and carefully hidden from public view?

For a ‘Christian nation’ to pretend to be so concerned about family values, children, human rights, yet is regularly slaughtering thousands, egregious abuses of human rights, wiping out entire families and children over much of the world… one has to stop, think and ask just exactly what values do these Neocons really have and for what do they really stand? That slaughter marches on unabated regardless of whether RNC or DNC controls the White House, Senate or House.

Think for a moment about what is wrong with that picture. Their words and their actions are not consistent except in a consistently failing way.

Not only the political discourse changed, but also the true identification label of the players. It is no longer a matter of what they appear to stand for or claim to stand for. It is essential for Americans and even foreigners alike to come to terms and recognize the evil for what it is and the threat the Neocons are to world peace and prosperity. Their myopic lust to be the rulers of the world and implant the Neocons’ boot heel on the entire world is totally insane.

The Neocon business plan violates every principal of democracy, self-determination, freedom, liberty, human rights, rule of law, justice, fairness and equity, yet they put forth the illusion that they are the world icons.

Read on and I will explain several parts of it that I think Americans have missed but it was not entirely their fault. The MSM and politicos in DC did not want Americans to figure it out, or the foreigners they intend to subjugate. The razzle-dazzle, the smoke and mirrors, the pretense ideological debates in Congress, the obfuscations and the mountain ranges of outrageous lies were all part of the strategy to hide the truth from Americans and the rest of the world.

Of course, bullying is one of the instruments in their tool box, and even Obama recently admitted the US bullies certain nations to get its way. Now that the entire world knows the USA tortures in violation of the Geneva Convention, has created illegal unjust wars of aggression (war crime), chaos and deaths based on total lies, bullying is far down the list on egregious Neocon conduct.

I did not even see this distinction until after I had published my book “One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas” in January 2004 that blasted these GOP Neocons and their fabricated Global War on Terror. Then appeared at “9-11: Confronting the Evidence” on September 11, 2004, and had done many articles and was on many radio shows all across America and Canada.

It was not good enough that the USSR finally gave up, folded the tent and opted for democracy and capitalism. These drooling, power hungry Neocons invented “Islamic Terror” as the next boogeyman to have a front for their evil agenda and malicious intentions towards the entire world.

I was contacted in 2004 by a man named Richard Behan from the Northwest part of the USA. I think he would not be offended if I characterized him as a Liberal ranging between moderate and far left but more to the moderate and thinking side. What I learned very quickly in our communications is he was a powerful thinker, very observant, articulate and there we were as Far Left and Far Right Americans having the type of conversation that America needs to have to fix what is wrong inside of the US government and now even across the 50 US states.

He sent me a link to an article he had written in January 2004 titled “GOP, Inc.” If you want to read it and be a wiser American (regardless of your incurable habit of mindlessly pushing ‘D’ or ‘R’ when you vote and then watch things get worse each passing year), it is a very good read. However, it is only part of the story.

Richard Behan introduced me to his observation that what we are seeing is ‘Movement Conservatism’, a new theology and it is one ugly, malignant bitch to a democracy.

The more I have thought about this Neocon problem and how Richard Behan might have characterized it accurately as “Movement Conservatism” within the GOP, I think he is closer in making an accurate definition than ‘Neocon’, but still has one shortfall.

I have teased Michael Moore for years that it is long overdue for him to write the sequel to “Stupid White Men” so justice is done for us men by exposing “Stupid White Women” because as God and men know we now have plenty of them, too. Just to name a few; Hillary Clinton, and from the current US Department of State Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki, and Marie Harf, Samantha Power at the UN, Susan Rice, who could not cut it at one job so she was elevated to her highest level of incompetency under the Peter Principle to National Security Advisor. In my estimation Susan Rice could not handle security for a kindergarten and the other women named in this paragraph are blatant liars every time they open their mouth or mental nitwits that can barely utter a coherent sentence.

Need I cite more Stupid White Women names? On the GOP side, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, both very much out of touch with reality. All of them mentioned in these two paragraphs could not speak the truth with a cocked .357 magnum pistol pressed to their head demanding the truth.

That is a classic symptom in diagnosing when a person has ‘Neocon Syndrome’ or just using that word as a front for something far worse.

It is time for Richard Behan to write “DNC, Inc.” and tell the other side of the story.

He is right on target how ‘free market capitalism’ has been both a lure, a selling tool but is also why America is crumbling from inside and things are getting worse in the economy rather than better.

First, we had George H W Bush and the leaders of Canada and Mexico push through NAFTA [North America Free Trade Agreement] in December 1992 after Bush had lost the November elections to Clinton. However, it was in 1993 when Clinton (not GOP or conservative by any stretch of the imagination) signed the implementation of NAFTA. Therefore, NAFTA and the damage it has done to the US and Canada economies is a shared blame issue that both Bush and Clinton had a hand in doing.

Then George W. Bush pushed through CAFTA [Central America Free Trade Agreement] that was changed in name late in the process to CAFTA-DR for the reasons explained in the following insert.

“The Dominican Republic ­ Central America Free Trade Agreement, commonly called CAFTA-DR, is a free trade agreement (legally a treaty under international law, but not under U.S. law). Originally, the agreement encompassed the United States and the Central American countries of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, and was called CAFTA. In 2004, the Dominican Republic joined the negotiations, and the agreement was renamed CAFTA-DR.”

The point is that NAFTA and CAFTA were implemented in the George H W Bush, Clinton and George Bush Administrations, so trying to assign the blame for ‘Movement Conservatism’ and other ‘free market theology’ concepts strictly on the Republicans is not completely accurate. Both sides of the aisle are pushing this new “Free Market Theology” and it is killing the US economy, job creation and even prosperity. Those agreements set the stage for the massive decline in the US ability to create jobs, and increased poverty, structural unemployment and the number of Americans needing government assistance of some form just to eat, have a roof over their head and survive.

It is true enough that under Bush-Cheney this forceful push was elevated to the extreme limits but the malignant cancer was already in progress 10 years before September 11, 2001 or Bush in the Oval Office.

The boom and the telecom deregulation boom that turned out to be massive frauds on the investing public and put many people in the poorhouse were both great examples of Clinton sleaze and pushing this new government-born theology. It is no stretch of the imagination that and global telecom deregulation to clear the way for global spying were both just another version of this ‘global free trade theology’. Clinton cleared out or amended several US laws and regulations that allowed such huge frauds to have even occurred and most perpetrators walked away free with what they had stolen. Of course, the quid pro quo is they are now major campaign contributors for having been spared prosecution, punishment and possible imprisonment for criminal activity.

Clinton amended the US criminal code RICO Act, specifically USC 18 § 1964(c) so that victims of premediated fraud could not use the Civil RICO option, inflict treble damages and disgorgement of ill-gotten gain to punish those guilty of willful stock fraud and market manipulation. That and a few other tweaking of US laws and regulations is what unleashed a huge transfer of wealth, also to those new ‘campaign contributors’, and put the screws to the investing public.

Many US citizens that got buried financially due to stock fraud and how the laws were manipulated to aid and abet it still have not figured out how over $1 trillion was stolen from US investors and much or all of their savings vanished. It was in my book how they did it and who was behind it.

It was also during the Clinton administration when the US Bankruptcy Code was amended (the Democrat controlled Congress refused to cooperate with Bush Sr. when he proposed the change to further the destruction of the US middle class) that eliminated the Equity Shareholders as having standing in what turned into an avalanche of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. The shareholders were intentionally reduced to $0 even though their stock investments were what to a large extent built the companies. Many Americans were put into the poor house and financially wiped out, including many in the Middle Class trying to save for retirement and even some wealthy people that made the wrong investment decisions.

Many of those bankruptcies were pre-planned after the market touts had lured huge amounts of money from unsuspecting investors and then intentionally yank the rug out from under their feet, file bankruptcy for the publicly traded company, turn their shareholder investments to $0 regardless of how much they had at stake, and then one of the elite insiders got to walk off with those assets for amounts ranging from 1 cent to 5 cents on the dollar. I guess most Americans do not know that many involved in the bankruptcy law and Debtor Financial Advisor business in NY and Delaware refer to themselves as “the Bankruptcy Mafia”. “Investor Coroner” fits, too, especially when from birth to bankruptcy it was planned to lure money and then steal it.

Many that went from wealthy to Super Wealthy did it the other old fashioned way: STEAL IT and had the US government aiding and abetting it any way they were asked to do.

If those ‘newly created government dependent Americans’ are hoping the Pizza Dude is going to ring the doorbell someday and deliver their salvation to them, I think they are in for a very long wait and they might not survive the time passing by. It does not matter which party is in power. They both have the same policies now and none of them are good for America; just an elite few in America and their offshore Neocon buddies helping to push this new globalization theology for Neocon Global America Empire.

It was during the Reagan, George H W Bush and Clinton Administrations that the concept of ‘rule of law’ has been under constant attack and erosion. The rule of law concept was bent over backwards and broke its back under the Bush and Obama Administrations. That same disdain for the rule of law in part describes Richard Behan’s theory as it would apply to Reagan, Bush I and Bush II, but not for Clinton and Obama unless… they are really Faux Neocons pushing this new theology, too.

They are, and Hillary has to choke, gag and bend herself into a pretzel shape when an extreme Far Left Bolshevik Marxist has to pretend to be a Neocon just so she can put herself forth as warmongering and Presidential timber. Hillary proved she is both a bloodthirsty Bolshevik Marxist with a Neocon-mask and callous by cackling like a fat hen “We came, we saw, He died!” (chuckle, chuckle, chuckle) when they eliminated Qaddafi in Libya.

They had no ‘Just War’ case against Qaddafi, but he was in the way of their Global Empire America and forcing their Neocon Theology down the throat of any nation that dared get in their way. Qaddafi was pushing for a gold backed dinar as a unified Africa currency, backed by both gold and the oil and natural gas wealth of Libya. That would have wrecked their ‘pivot to Africa’ to seek to dominate as much oil and natural gas from that continent as the US could get under control. China is already way ahead of them on that matter, especially in Sudan and is why Bush had that nation on his post 9-11 Hit List for regime change. How dare Sudan side with China and not the USA Neocons!

The US, EU and NATO have been very remiss in having a full disclosure as to really why the US did not want any gold back dinar or a unified Africa currency or anything that would screw up their ability to manipulate through energy pricing and supplies alone. A gold backed dinar just could not be allowed.

The USA has also been very remiss in speaking the truth about why they wanted to block Russia in Libya, too, just as they tried in the Caspian Basin and are now doing in Venezuela and failed on both counts.

‘Russia Set to Lose Billions in Libya’

“For months, Moscow had refused to recognize the National Transitional Council (NTC), was reluctant to distance itself from Muammar Qaddafi, with whom it had good relations, and was critical of NATO’s military campaign to assist rebel fighters.

But with the NTC now in control of most of Libya, Russia fears that it could lose billions of dollars in energy, defense, and infrastructure contracts it had negotiated with the ousted Qaddafi regime.”

We can all wonder if Hillary would chuckle or cackle like a fat hen if some foreign government decided it was time to ‘regime change’ her and get rid of her the same way. I doubt she would be as arrogant as she truly is every day of her life.

Which major political party is best in defending America? I submit neither of them because neither truly represents America anymore. They represent only the Neocon Agenda, the Wolfowitz Doctrine, and the lunacy of Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “Grand Chessboard”, all for the glory of the unattainable Global Empire America and their new theology they are trying to sell and has nothing at all to do with democracy.

The entire pre-2016 shuffle for President of the United States is already shaping up to be a useless debate on whether Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush would ‘best defend America’. Neither, both of them are Neocons or just wearing the Neocon mask, which translates that outside of their devotion to the Neocon agenda and the new theology could not care less about what is best for America.

As most readers would already know, Marxist Bolsheviks were not antiwar. Hillary would slaughter more human lives than George Bush and Obama combined, just so she could sit in the Oval Office as the Tsaress she fashions herself to be.

Don’t worry, I will be blasting the Hell out of Hillary and Jeb soon.

Now we have Obama pushing such ‘free market capitalism’ in the form of TPP [Trans Pacific Partnership] in the Pacific and both TTIP [Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership] and TISA [Trade in Services Agreement] across the Atlantic. They are now learning the hard way that people are fed up with their trade agreements that are killing economic prosperity, increasing unemployment and poverty, so now they are keeping TPP, TTIP and TISA as ‘Top Secret Trade Agreements’. People in the EU and member nations are having to sign non-disclosure agreements to even get to see within the government circles what is contained in the terms of these agreements and why.

Also buried within the codicils of these underhanded secret agreements are a blatant attempt by the Neocons to subjugate the entire world to their version of corporatism, run right over the nation states and destroy the environment with impunity. They have also put in provisions that would bind the TPP partners and TTIP and TISA signatories in such a way that they have to do business with USA or themselves first, and not with China, Russia, the BRIC, Iran, etc.

The Neocons’ business plan sucks so bad, they have to manipulate rather than compete. Something like sit down, leave the arrogance outside and negotiate in ‘good faith’ never enters the minds of any of these Neocons as far as I can see.

Some have seen what is in TTIP and TISA and have at least sent out the warning that these agreements are straight corporatism on US terms and are not nation state, environmentally or economically friendly to the millions in all nations needing jobs, prosperity and head in a better direction.

Part of the problem is the word ‘neoconservative’. There is nothing conservative about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama, John Kerry, former Secretary of Defense Hagel or current one as Neocon Ashton Carter, or Victoria Nuland, Jen Psaki, or Marie Harf. They are each and every one Neocons or wear the Neocon mask to fool the Hell out of you. That is the mask they wear now on both sides of the aisle so you do not figure out what they really are. For many that are true diehard Far Left communist or socialist Liberals, if you watch closely they have a hard time faking that they are Neoconservatives wearing the mask to fool you.

Therein lies the problem in how ‘neoconservative’ is being misused because it is now just camouflage for what the real agenda is and what is really going on in Washington DC.

To better understand ‘movement conservatism’ even when it is not exactly that at all, just look closer into the greed and machinations of people like the Koch Brothers, the Wilks brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, George Soros and a long list of people that think they are so special… you do not matter. Any law they can get passed to line their pockets and put the screws to America is OK. Any regulation they can ignore like the Koch’s have done and polluted vast areas is OK as long as it lines their pockets, and if you get too sick to work or die, so what?

If they manipulated the US economic playing field and crushed the job creation engine just to line their own pockets and you have no job, lost your home, business, marriage, health or cannot find a job… so what? They are elitists and special… did you not get the memo? They pay for the Big DC Carnival Show that runs every 2 or 4 years, and you do not.

American oligarch billionaires on both sides of the aisle, the Left and the Right, and cannot tell any difference whatsoever as to what their real agenda is except lining their own pockets and an obliging Washington DC helping them… to your detriment. If you think Adelson, Saban or Soros are ‘conservative’ and proponents of “Movement Conservatism” you need to seek psychological help and might need to get your eyes and ears checked out, too.

The ‘Movement’ is all the money they can devour and you get the crumbs, if you are lucky. That is their new theology. Their arrogant attitude is that if you are poor, you are either too lazy or too stupid to be rich. They ‘love America’ according to what they say, but hate Americans because they get in the way of the New Theology. Of course, that translates into they hate foreigners and think they are lazy and stupid, too.

When Zionist Jew Rupert Murdoch was trying to expand his stranglehold in the false front Far Right US media market, he ran into a major problem. There was a provision that going beyond 36% control of the media market ownership was forbidden by US law. No problem, Congress gladly amended that law to increase the allowed percentage to 39%; just what Murdoch needed to add the conservative Wall Street Journal to his portfolio so they could join the Washington Post and New York Times in the “Great America Lie Machine”.

There is a common word theme for these Neocons: callousness. Another one is unconscionable, as in not thinking. When it comes to considering what is best for America, only their benefactors that pay for the think tanks, lobbyists or political campaigns get what they want, and then the ‘news’ massages the information flow so you think these people in DC deserve the title ‘honorable’ but they do not. There is no synonym of honorable that fits the Neocons, but there are plenty of antonyms.

The only thing I can see that Richard Behan missed is how much this new theology driving America into the dirt and history pages is more ‘market liberalism’ to benefit only the few, only the corporations, only the special interest groups, and it is not just a problem on the GOP conservative side.

So, I think Neoconservative is a false front or a mask. I also think the concept of Movement Conservatism is aiming at the wrong target when both parties are to blame for this nonsense. The misleading words are Neoconservative and Conservatism for what is happening is neither.

I can also make the argument that the Republicans you see in power right now are not conservatives. I am and know exactly what a True Conservative believes.

We believe in pulling all ships up, not forcing them to sink and drown or live in poverty with no way out due to lopsided domestic and economic policies that grow poverty and wealth for just a few. The War on Poverty, War on Drugs and War on Terror all share the same defect as being unwinnable due to the methods or lack thereof to win.

We believe that competition breeds excellence, while the Neocons have to use deceit and manipulation to conceal the fact they do not know how to compete or play fair with anyone or any nation. What is killing their business plan more than anything else is Ugly American arrogance and their objectives that are absurd.

There are some programs enacted over the past 50 years that work, but far too many that do not work and cost far too much. We do not believe in entitlements and prefer to create economic engines for jobs so multiple layers of government entitlements, benefits and life support are not needed except for the severely impaired in body or mind, or both.

We believe in the rule of law and it does in fact apply to everyone all the way up to Capitol Hill and the White House. There is not one person in America immune from the law, not even the President or the 9 sitting on the US Supreme Court that have gone out of their way to aid and abet these tectonic shifts in America that have damned near flattened it as a nation and the democracy it is not anymore.

We believe in a prohibitive defensive military to protect America from any foreign attack but would not even think of attacking another nation under a pre-emptive strike doctrine when some US government attorney issues an opinion letter as to legality to justify the unjustifiable and inexcusable for the people that pay his or her salary. Such an opinion letter is not ‘the law of the land’ and does not in fact override international law. It is too much to ask for from the Neocons how they define common decency.

A true conservative would close most of the US military bases overseas and cease and desist in trying to push the Neocon delusion of Global Empire America. Business would be exactly that; not war, bullying and terrorism pretending to be a business plan.

No true conservative would claim the greatness of America with so many unemployed, living in poverty or homeless, or needing a federal government handout. Any nation that is 36th in math, 28th in science and 24th in literacy has nothing to brag about. Greatness is not claimed or self-appointed; it is earned and right now the USA is approaching the bottom of the barrel in even pretending ‘greatness’.

We believe in the inalienable rights of freedom, liberty and self-determination, so would not even consider meddling or regime change in another nation unless there was a clear and present danger to the USA itself. We believe that America should not meddle in the affairs of other nations, no more than Americans would tolerate them meddling in our affairs.

Americans should study on how many foreign laws apply inside the territory of the USA (correct answer is ‘0’), and then look at how many US laws Washington DC tries to cram down the throats of foreign nations. The Neocons do not recognize international or national boundaries, since they think in delusion that the entire world is theirs. Truly, they have given a new meaning to megalomania and Messiah complex.

This entire pretense that America is the ‘exceptional nation’ and the American people are the ‘indispensable people’ is totally preposterous. They have to keep up that charade because it is these people that use the mask of Neocons that believe they are the ‘only exceptional and indispensable people’ in America and that does not include you. If they were forced to admit otherwise they would all be in prison or executed for crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes. This is their marketing ploy as they quietly pursue their unattainable Global Empire America.

To a True Conservative words like character, honor, ethics and integrity are a moral creed; not words used merely to pretend a person believes in them but their actions prove they do not.

We true conservatives believe in economic growth that benefits all, not just the elite few. We also believe in smaller government and provide economic opportunity rather than a federal teat for each American to suckle and a behemoth monstrosity government that sucks the life out of everything it touches. Thomas Jefferson said it well in that “any government big enough to give you whatever you want is also big enough to take away all you have”. What I see as one of the biggest wrongs in America is creating a system of whiners and dependents. Some such as Bill and Hillary Clinton wanted it exactly that way so people would blindly push “D” every time they vote so the welfare and entitlement checks keep coming.

Now both sides of the aisle in the voting electorate show their illiteracy when they blindly vote “D” or “R” and have not a clue what the person they voted for has done that merits holding public office or trust. Or worse, what they have done in public office that deserves eviction, not re-election.

And this will probably shock those that do not remember or never knew, a true conservative also believes in a clean and healthy environment and would not tolerate greedy polluters like the Koch Brothers for even 5 seconds of a President’s time. Such people would obey the law or be forcibly shut down.

The last true conservative America had was President Dwight Eisenhower. He knew all too well the follies of war and the costs to mankind after leading the Allies in World War II and somewhere in the range of 49 to 55 million died. He also knew that there is nothing in the Constitution granting the USA a status of exceptional, indispensable or entitled to Global Empire America.

These people that call themselves Neocons are not pro-democracy. They are pro-totalitarianism and pro-regime change to insert puppets that will not challenge the Neocons’ lust for global hegemony and empire.

They cannot allow true democracy because a leader can emerge and kick over their Little Red Wagon fraud and put an end to it.

Reagan was headed the right way until he succumbed to CIA pressures to add a Neocon on as Vice President in George H.W. Bush. The CIA was so busy running Brzezinski’s Al Qaeda, Afghanistan, Iran and Nicaragua (Iran Contra) that they wanted one of their own on the ticket to keep Reagan in line.

The last thing the CIA wanted to see happen was for America to elect a true conservative Boy Scout that would put an end to certain things that never should have happened.

The Tea Party are truly the ‘American Taliban’ and their blood thirst is neither Conservative nor Christian. The other group embedded into DC like ticks sucking blood are the DNC Far Left communists that suddenly woke up one morning in September 1991 and realized with the USSR gone they had nothing to sell. It did not take them long to figure out they needed to wear the Neocon mask, too… so they could keep plundering the US Treasury for every dollar for every idiot socialist idea they can dream up.

Both sides have now proven over the past 2 decades that they would rather win an election and keep stuffing their own pockets rather than stand up for what is just and right. They have turned ‘the American Way’ into something that has no honor or integrity anymore. To me, as a true conservative the most ludicrous statement DC makes is when they utter ‘rule of law’ and none of them believe in that at all. The rule of law would put an end to the likes of them fast were it applied.

I am not aware of any true conservative that sits in the US Congress right now. None of them are; they are Neocons or warmongering religious fanatics, or Far Left members pretending to be Neoconservatives so they do not get left out on the Washington DC parties list and power circles.

The antiwar Liberals finally decided that the only way they could get elected was to opt for the Neocon masquerade mask, too. They had to pretend they were the better party at warmongering and defending America. Behind all of that theater, is the Neocons’ lust for Global Empire America.

Behind all of that is the ‘Movement Conservatism’ theology that Richard Behan was writing about, but is now a malignant cancer that is on both sides of the aisle in DC.

Whether you prefer Neoconservative or Movement Conservatism as the proper label is irrelevant. They both describe only as a mask what this new theology in DC is and that they are the only ones qualified to rule the world. There is nothing ‘conservative’ in the classical sense whatsoever. Therefore, they cloak their greed and their agenda and malice towards all behind words and labels that only remotely define what they really are.

Neither label accurately describes the reality that the problem is on both sides of the aisle and is within the elitist attitudes of Washington DC itself. What was once a great and impressive national capital is now the biggest whore house on this planet, and wall-to-wall morons that could not care less about America or what any other nation thinks of how truly despicable they are.

They pretend they are the only lawmakers in the world that can make laws, yet let the lobbyists and special interests write the laws they do not even read, yet enact. Those are not lawmakers; they are paid prostitutes and democracy assassins.

The problem is that now the GOP, Inc. and the DNC, Inc. sold you out and only represent who the Neocons are the mouthpiece for to push agendas that are good for them and deadly for America, harmful for any Americans that are not a member of the clique.

Of course, no feeding frenzy would be complete without the Faux Christians, the oxymoron Zionist Christians, the Christian Dominionista nutcases, the Zionists, the Warmongers or the Zionist Jews that all banded together to create the abomination we all now see as America.

Many people have attributed, written or stated that the ‘Father of Neoconservatism’ was a German-born Jew named Leo Strauss that moved to America, became a political philosophy professor at the University of Chicago and even after his death in 1973 was controlling American politics. Depending on what you read he was influential in the Reagan and Bush I administration and was totally in control of the George W. Bush Administration. Some have even written that he also controlled certain people that billed themselves as Moderate Democrats like Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

That is also partially correct and the other part an error in thinking as to providing a clear identification of the guilty Neocons.

That is all true enough in that Strauss was born in Germany, was Jewish, and he was a political philosophy professor at the University of Chicago. He was very well read in ancient philosophers even back in time to Plato and Aristotle, and equally as well read in religious theology from Christianity, to Islam and Judaism. Some researchers and writers have said that Strauss believed Machiavelli was right; totalitarianism is where all government systems eventually go because of the elite ‘self-interest’ and greed. We are seeing that very clearly in the US and other places like the UK in what dysfunction looks like when a government pretends to be a great example of democracy yet is collapsing inside.

With many of the UK banks teetering on the brink of collapse, the UK banking and insurance industry paid out 100 billion Pounds of bonuses in 2014. Probably none of them were worth the bonus and London is infested with globalist Neocons, too. Even with a major economic collapse on the horizon, Wall Street bonuses have returned to pre-2008 levels. Pay the bandits well for financial fraud!

Military power wielded by Neocon political policies is the real power in their mindset. Apparently the Neocons believe that ideology regardless of what party or what label they use to hide their actions. I defy anyone to find any real differences in policies between George Bush and Barack Obama in regards to foreign policy and wielding the sword rather than diplomacy.

I have not seen anything in his writings to suggest that Strauss preferred any particular religion and much like Alexis de Tocqueville he saw problems in how democracy could completely break down and morph into something that is not even a functional government. (Maybe Paul Wolfowitz skipped class when those lessons were taught in Leo Strauss’ class?)

The Founding Fathers foresaw the same problems and is why they structured the US Constitution and Bill of Rights as it is. It is the Neocons that seem to have the greatest disdain for the very documents they claim to hold so dear and try to market as the model democracy to the rest of the world. The Neocons do not want Americans to figure out that the rest of the world sees very clearly that they absolutely do not want what they see in Washington DC that calls itself a democratic government and something to emulate.

Foreigners are not less intelligent or less educated than Americans. In many nations the overall intelligence and education levels now far exceeds the USA. The people outside in foreign nations clearly see the USA is collapsing from within and it is literally dysfunction on display. As an American living in Europe I have been asked many times two questions.

First, what in Hell is wrong in Washington DC? Have they lost their damned minds?

Secondly, when in Hell are Americans going to wake up to the extent they are being lied to?

As most of my readers can tell, I watch facts and news globally as to what is really going on. As for the US main stream media and its informing people with the truth… well… you can watch Soap Operas or cartoons and be better informed.

One has to wonder about the morals and character of people that choose the Neocon moniker or mask and extend the word freedom as being the freedom to lie, freedom to kill with impunity, freedom to pilfer and plunder all they can get regardless of how many laws or ethics violations they commit, or how many they kill to get their Global America Empire.

We do not have transcripts or videos of what Leo Strauss was teaching in his classes, but it is also true that people like William Kristol, father of arch-Neocon Bill Kristol (PNAC and Foreign Policy Initiative), and even the author of the “Wolfowitz Doctrine”, a well-known Zionist Jew Neocon Paul Wolfowitz were either students of or influenced by (so they say) Leo Strauss.

I have researched and read extensively on Leo Strauss to better understand how, when and why these Neocons emerged. When I was in DC from 1989 to 1996 part of my focus was on fighting this tectonic shift in what America was then and what it is today under this lunacy of Neocon policies. Strauss was never famous during his life and his writings were more on the classics than on what was really going on in realpolitik in America during his life and tenure at the University of Chicago.

I have yet to find any writing by Leo Strauss that was political commentary on then current day matters except for the Vietnam War. Of course, many were against that war for moral, ethical and other good reasons.

The Neocons preach democracy as a lofty ideal and marketing ploy, yet have taken every step possible to kill the democracy in America for at least the past 25 years. Strauss died in 1973, so maybe his ideas had taken hold or provided people like Paul Wolfowitz a ‘light bulb’ on how to take over the United States of America on foreign and domestic policy. However, in being dead he was hardly pulling the strings directly in the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations as some have alleged.

What was true is certain Neocons like George H W Bush, George Bush, Cheney and Wolfowitz were involved in the Reagan, Bush I and Bush II administrations, and some of them even earlier administrations during the 1970s. That still falls short on explaining what in Hell the administrations of Clinton and Obama were thinking and doing that is Neocon and is not Liberal or Moderate Democrat at all.

In all of the research and reading I only found three statements attributed to Leo Strauss that could possibly lead to this incredible arrogance, lying and callousness, and disdain for the rule of law, that sums up these Neocons very well.

“All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing, which makes you see something that isn’t even visible.”

Leo Strauss

That quote above to me means how the Neocons view their Global Empire that they are definitely trying to accomplish. They see a delusional vision of exactly what they are after, but have yet to even get a clue on why they have and will continue to fail. They see the world differently than other people due to being arrogant, myopic and delusional. What the vast majority of people in the entire world want in the way of peace and prosperity is not what the Neocons are after. These Neocons could not care less about what anyone wants, if that is standing in the way of their glory for Global American Empire.

However, the Neocons cannot escape the reality that the 305,000,000 or so Americans are not the majority in the 7 Billion people on this planet today. The more they try to be the majority as the minority by military or economic force, the more the rest of the world is leaving America behind. The Neocons would be averse to admit that most Americans and citizens of foreign lands, by far the majority, could not care less what the Neocons think, want or demand of people that are not under the laws or jurisdiction of the Washington DC Neocons.

Part of their tactics is to push this new ‘free trade theology’ to forcibly put such deniers under the Neocon boot heels. To a Neocon ‘free trade’ equates to freedom to steal from other nations and then they have a perplexed expression on their faces when things do not go as the Neocons had planned. They get slots on the TV shows and utter complete garbage to justify both their actions and their failures.

Only a Neocon will claim victory in defeat or a complete psychopath that just ‘does not get it’.

The American Empire they cannot see because it will never exist except in their minds. The rest of the world totally rejects their Global Empire America wishes and demands. In their minds Global Empire America is mandatory, not a democratic choice on which way the people want the nation to head or the world. In repeated polls, America itself says ‘NO’ over and over again yet ignored. Is it any wonder why the rest of the world is not kneeling to these idiots and are also saying ‘NO’?

“One cannot refute what one has not thoroughly understood.”

— Leo Strauss

This particular quote above relates to me on how the Neocons lie at will to create a situation where no one from the outside can possibly know what they are up to. The Neocons are well known to lie at the drop of a hat while they are trying to pull off one regime change after another, manipulate the people in other lands to vote as the Neocons wish, manipulate the MSM so lies and half-truths dominate the air waves, or just bomb them into the Stone Age on nothing but lies and the Neocon Agenda. It has been written that Leo Strauss talked about ‘the Nobel Lie’ many times in how leadership and elites do in fact utter the Nobel Lie to keep the people intentionally uninformed.

That describes these Neocons, the elites and the leadership in Washington DC perfectly, even when there is absolutely nothing noble or moral about what they are doing outside of the USA to peoples of other nations. There is nothing honorable, moral or ethical in their lousy governance of America either.

Stop and think about the Donald Rumsfeld press conferences and how he was intentionally acting both arrogant and obtuse to deflect attention to other matters. Even when both Rumsfeld and CENTCOM commander General Tommy Franks were testifying months before September 11, 2001, and Franks told Congress the truth that a major focus of his command regarding Afghanistan was “the pipeline and access to the regions’ resources’. He was talking about the Neocon military strategy months before September 11, 2001 happened. Rumsfeld interrupted him and changed the subject because the real truth about their aims and objectives in Afghanistan had been ‘leaked’ in front of Republicans and Democrats in Congress, and some of them were not in the Neocon Inner Circle.

The only ideological debate I can see anymore is who is and who is not in the Neocon inner circle or directly involved in helping to implement the stupid policies they need for Global America Empire. Every empire needs its ‘useful idiots’ and that to me fully describes the US Congress and Main Stream Media for that past 25 years.

“But what is the core of the political? Men killing men on the largest scale in broad daylight and with the greatest serenity.”

— Leo Strauss, On Plato’s Symposium

That one sort of jumped off the page at me when considering how these Neocons are so callous and bloodthirsty towards other nations that want self-determination on their terms, not as the Neocons dictate. How can 1,000 or 10,000 dead by the hands of the USA be ‘just another day at the office’? I can answer that; only in the callous minds of these people that use Neocon as their label or the mask to conceal who and what they really are.

I had to dig much deeper to understand Strauss’ teachings on the value of the Nobel Lie. He addressed often how that was used by governments and the elite, but he did not seem to be a proponent of that due to the threat it poses to a democracy. Even if it is accurate to label Strauss ‘the Father of Neoconservatism’, he was a strong advocate of democracy. Maybe in his mind the only thing attributable to the ‘Neo’ part is democracy does have to evolve as times and circumstances change. How that equates to blood lust and any entitlement for the USA to be a global empire does not compute.

Maybe he was teaching his pupils to use the same tactics in their future roles in government, but I found nothing concrete to prove that and his writings never suggested such a tactic. Strauss mainly used the concepts of the Nobel Lie as to how lies are used to manipulate populations in wrongful ways. Maybe he just provided the seed for such cretins and people of low moral character to act if they ever got into power to influence policy as the Neocons have. Maybe the Neocons chose on their own that lying and lying big is the way to succeed, but they have yet to succeed on anything outside of taking over US foreign policy and warmongering.

Other than that fait accompli they have been complete failures and a total disaster for the USA.

“Explicitly following G.E. Lessing’s lead, Strauss indicates that medieval political philosophers, no less than their ancient counterparts, carefully adapted their wording to the dominant moral views of their time, lest their writings be condemned as heretical or unjust, not by “the many” (who did not read), but by those “few” whom the many regarded as the most righteous guardians of morality. It was precisely these righteous personalities who would be most inclined to persecute/ostracize anyone who was in the business of exposing the noble or great lie upon which the authority of the few over the many stands or falls.[16]”

Strauss wrote many times about how tyrants, monarchs and even some forms of governments had used the Nobel Lie to intentionally mislead their citizens, thinking only the Elite and the government leadership could have such knowledge. From every indication, Strauss believed in the value of democracy, which requires an informed populace and voters, which necessitates the truth.

However, the Neocon Doctrine 101 is to lie and never quit lying. No lie is too big to tell, if one is a Neocon. Ask George W Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Slick Willie or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. I have yet to hear even one word of truth come from any of them, since the George H W Bush administration.

Strauss was also an observer on what roles liberalism and nihilism were having on certain forms of government, including the breakdown of America culture and society from within.

“Liberalism and nihilism

Strauss taught that liberalism in its modern form contained within it an intrinsic tendency towards extreme relativism, which in turn led to two types of nihilism:[27]

The first was a “brutal” nihilism, expressed in Nazi and Marxist regimes. In ‘On Tyranny’, he wrote that these ideologies, both descendants of Enlightenment thought, tried to destroy all traditions, history, ethics, and moral standards and replace them by force under which nature and mankind are subjugated and conquered.[28] The second type—the “gentle” nihilism expressed in Western liberal democracies—was a kind of value-free aimlessness and a hedonistic “permissive egalitarianism”, which he saw as permeating the fabric of contemporary American society.[29][30]

In the belief that 20th century relativism, scientism, historicism, and nihilism were all implicated in the deterioration of modern society and philosophy, Strauss sought to uncover the philosophical pathways that had led to this situation. The resultant study led him to advocate a tentative return to classical political philosophy as a starting point for judging political action.[31] “

One of the operative definitions of nihilism is: the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless. (The Neocons seem to act as if life is meaningless, except for theirs. Remember CENTCOM head General Tommy Franks’ comment: “We don’t do body counts!”) I bet the Roman Legions did not do body counts either and look where it got them. When the end came, they had no friends left.

That too pretty well sums up Far Right Christians that consider themselves ‘conservatives’ but think killing is OK as long as they can shop safely. Then we have the cowardly militarized police that will kill for nothing and cannot seem to keep from being hostile and brutal to children and little old ladies, and Neocons that place no value on life whatsoever unless the person is a fellow Neocon or a useful idiot.

In a very real way, the noun ‘nihilist’ fits the Neocons, but I clearly see they are on both sides of the aisle. They are literally a terminal cancer that is killing democracy and America itself, for their own gain and who are the powers behind them.

I found an excerpt from a book by Catherine and Michael Zuckert. One would have to have done a lot of reading in philosophy and have knowledge of US and even global politics and history to fully understand what they are writing about. However, it is informational and possibly slightly apologetic since it was published by the U Chicago Press and Strauss was a professor there. Maybe the University of Chicago is just a little embarrassed that the Neocons have turned out to be such evil people rather than model citizens, if Leo Strauss had anything to do with that at all.

“The Truth about Leo Strauss: Political Philosophy and American Democracy”

None of the book excerpt available at the above link is inserted here but if you want to read on the debate regarding Leo Strauss it is very informative. Many philosophers and political philosophers have seen the perils and written about what the USA as a nation faces right now.

The threat is not from without; the real threat to America are enemies within our gates and for the most part 100% homegrown.

I will give you a hint: the ones that point the finger and use the label ‘terrorist’ are the real terrorist. That is also what the chameleon Neocons excel at.

Finally, I had to go find out what Leo Strauss was talking about when he said “Machiavelli was right”.

In a book written by Piccolo Machiavelli titled “The Prince and Totalitarians” he set forth a hypothesis that is not far from being the same theme of George Orwell’s ‘1984’ in how out of control government, agendas, lies, and outright deceit turn into totalitarianism and a government that tells lies ‘for the benefit of the people’ when even that is a lie. Even with the best of intentions, dark forces can turn even a democracy into a nightmare that does not work for anyone but those calling the shots, and what is called democracy is really totalitarianism behind a mask and a cloak.

“Machiavelli’s novel, “The Prince” discusses in detail how a government should be run according to Machiavelli. This novel portrays a harsh and cruel leader who rules with an iron fist rather than a democracy. It displays the opinion that the people need to be controlled by a powerful and feared leader rather than take part in a democracy. He believed in a much harsher more stern system of government than we have today. His theories have not been very ideal or successful in the past as seen in totalitarians Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin. Machiavelli’s theories have been displayed in these rulers. Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, and Joseph Stalin all displayed Machiavelli’s theories in that they based their state on military force and power, they ruled with cruelty and fear rather than love, and they based almost all of their decisions ultimately on the well-being of the state which they control. These totalitarian rulers justify their actions through Machiavelli’s reasoning.

One of the main Machiavelli theories that all three of the totalitarian rulers implemented throughout their time as rulers is the use of military power. Machiavelli relies heavily on military in his theories and explains that without military there is no state. Karl Marx very closely follows this belief. The communist league paper states, “Capitalism (according to Marxist theory) can no longer sustain the living standards of the population due to its need to compensate for falling rates of profit by driving down wages, cutting social benefits and pursuing military aggression.” (Marxism and Class, 1). This quote and article explains how Marxism is a dysfunctional system in relation to military power. Karl Marx executed military strength to impose his communist beliefs, specifically his system of social classes upon society. He used it as a tool to impose what he thought was best upon society, which in relation to Machiavelli is justified because THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.”

By any means you want to look at it, the militarism, fabricating wars, interventions and regime changes based on political lies, DHS and all of the spying apparatus is stated in the two paragraphs above. The illegal acts of regime change, torture, murder, or unjust wars based on nothing but lies, all come under the Neocon Doctrine of ‘The End Justifies the Means’.

No Noble Lie is too small or too big to tell, because it is justified for the means and their objectives. The problem is that the means no longer has anything to do with what is best for you or for America or anyone else in this world.

Bear in mind that Niccolo Machiavelli was born in 1469 and died in 1527 long before democracy had taken hold anywhere except in the early days of Greece. Even as others tried to find forms of government that would work, they all were ruined over time by the elite and insiders focused on their benefits, self-interest and greed rather than the common good. By slow, underhanded, deceitful and surreptitious actions even the best of government systems can turn into fascism and totalitarianism.

Regardless of what your post-9-11 perceptions or opinions are… what you have seen knowingly or not is Neocon totalitarianism put into motion because of September 11, 2001.

America has that problem as bad as terminal cancer right now and has for the past 35 years at least when I was directly involved in it to the point of disgust and then have kept watching them closely from the outside. That of course goes back to the Reagan Administration, but I do not think he was behind it. I think George H W Bush and the CIA were making sure certain people like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and a legion of useful idiots were put into motion to put the Global America Empire into full swing once they got into the positions of power to call the shots.

Even back when I was a Republican, I did not back George H W Bush because of the endless crap he has done that has harmed America and then we get his Village Idiot son to put into motion their Global War on Terror as the boogeyman, since the USSR no longer existed from September 1991 to now. It was even George H W Bush that first uttered as President “now we can see emerging a New World Order”.

However, if the label Neoconservatives is a mask, and “Movement Conservatism” only exposes what one side the aisle was doing during the Bush-Cheney regime I knew to look deeper as to how this abomination was born and has virtually ruined the US democracy, the Constitution and our freedom and liberty. Not to mention the millions dead or maimed due to one lunatic group that thinks they know better than anyone else, American or foreign.

I found nothing in Leo Strauss’ writings to suggest that he was the creator or even the instigator of these Neocons as we know them and see their misdeeds. Some of the Neocons such as Paul Wolfowitz did in fact attend the University of Chicago but we have no records of what was said in class. Outwardly Strauss being labeled as “the Father of Neoconservatism” has every appearance to me of being a political philosophy that would evolve democracy, not crush it under totalitarianism. His “Machiavelli was right” comment was apparently a warning; not a call to action for his students to upend the American democracy and then try to sell a lunatic version of dysfunction worldwide.

The Neocons are fascists due to what they preach and do and how they do it. They are also proponents of Movement Conservatism on the Republican side, but the problem is now so embedded on both sides of the aisle it can no longer be attributed as being only a ‘GOP, Inc,’ problem. The problem is clearly on both sides of the aisle and that is exactly why they have been almost lockstep in passing laws to undermine democracy, freedom and liberty because those are a threat to the overall Neocon agenda.

If Americans ever wake up, that is also the biggest threat to these Neocons remaining in power. A wide awake America is far more dangerous than nukes from any nation, or any terrorist.

If you watch closely, note how lockstep they are on both sides of the aisle in issuing sanctions due to their own screw ups such as Ukraine, sanctions against Russia, and now Venezuela, Iran and anyone else that refuses to kneel to the Neocons’ agenda.

As I have said in past writings, I did not buy off on Reaganomics. I knew human nature and greed too well. Most Americans do not know that George H W Bush being put on the ticket as Reagan’s vice president was not Reagan’s idea or his dream come true. He really did not need George Herbert Walker Bush to win in a landslide. It was a CIA condition due to many factors and what the ‘Children in Action’ were up to regarding Iran, the USSR, the Al Qaeda gig in Afghanistan and CIS region that Zbigniew Brzezinski dreamed up during the Carter Administration. Then of course as we learned when Reagan was in office the Iran-Contra scandal and US covert and deadly actions in Nicaragua.

These idiots in DC were helping to arm Iran, after arming Iraq to attack them, still holding firm on US policies and sanctions against Iran, while arming and killing people in Nicaragua. Think about that for a minute and you will probably come up with the word ‘spastic’ to describe what they were doing. That was not Reagan, most of that was already in motion when he was sworn into office.

You are seeing the exact same spastic actions in Syria and Iraq and the USA is arming and supplying ISIS (ISIL) and have been caught doing it more than once. Arch Neocon John McCain even posed to have his photograph taken in Syria on Memorial Day 2013 with known terrorists.

There were some common threads in the Reagan Administration that I knew to watch and pay very close attention to as to how the Neocons were trying to wedge their way into the seats of power.

Dick Cheney was in the Nixon and Ford Administrations during the 1970s. Many forget that Cheney was in the US House and was Deputy Minority Whip, just before Newt Gingrich was in the same position and then Speaker of the House during much of the Clinton Administration. I was directly involved in how Clinton lost both the House and Senate in November 1994. My ex-wife and I watched the evening unfold in Washington DC with the RNC Finance group where only 156 were allowed into the room with a special button we all had to wear.

Reagan vetoed an act of Congress to impose sanctions against South Africa for their apartheid policies. Dick Cheney was one of the House Representatives that voted to block an override of Reagan’s veto because the President did not want to put more hardships on the Blacks in South Africa than they were already enduring.

Cheney’s reasoning for siding with Reagan to not invoke sanctions was interesting:

“In 1986, after President Ronald Reagan vetoed a bill to impose economic sanctions on South Africa for its policy of apartheid, Cheney was one of 83 Representatives to vote against overriding Reagan’s veto.[32] In later years, he articulated his opposition to unilateral sanctions against many different countries, stating “they almost never work”[33] and that in that case they might have ended up hurting the people instead.[34]”

That position to stand with Reagan and when he stated after Desert Storm as Secretary of Defense under the Bush I administration that “had the USA removed Saddam Hussein the nation would fall apart into civil war” due to the religious factions. His statements on backing Reagan and post-Desert Storm may have been the only two times I have ever seen Dick Cheney tell the truth.

Cheney was the Secretary of Defense under George H W Bush and during Desert Storm in 1991 against Iraq. I met him one night at a Nordstrom’s in Northern Virginia while we were both being fitted for new suits and there was only one person on duty for two men buying about 10 suits. I could not believe the differences in him from Desert Storm and Secretary of Defense and what I saw when he resurfaced as Bush’s running mate. It was like seeing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for real.

Donald Rumsfeld was in the Ford Administration, and then under Reagan was heading up arming Iraq with weapons (including WMD) to attack Iran to ‘get even’ for the 1979 Islamic uprising. That was the ouster of a brutal tyrant hand puppet for the US named Shah Pahlavi, who was inserted into power after a CIA coup in 1953 with the ouster of the Iranian President Mohammad Mosaddegh. The CIA finally admitted the regime change, so is not a ‘conspiracy theory’.

The only conspiracy theory I have seen in the last 20 years is Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan did September 11, 2001.

In fact, both Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney were in the Gerald Ford Administration after Nixon was forced to resign. Also during that same time George H W Bush was CIA Director of Central Intelligence from January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977. I think it is too coincidental that Bush was head of CIA and both Rumsfeld and Cheney were in key positions in the White House. So was Paul Wolfowitz but not in the key positions he held later. It may well have been that during the mid-1970s or during the Reagan Administration that the plans were laid, but they had to wait until there was no longer a USSR to push for their Global America Empire.

It is not hard for anyone to understand this “oil on the brain” disease the USA has when they understand that not only does Iran have the second largest uranium deposits in the world, but the nation is also blessed with colossal amounts of oil and natural gas.

The Neocons are absolutely trying to control the world energy supplies, but they failed and just do not want to face that fact yet or face America and tell them the truth that the $6 trillion dollars price tag for their idiotic Global War on Terror was wasted and America got stuck with the tab.

They talk a lot about Saudi Arabia / Middle East being the largest, and Iraq is 4th largest, but never get around to admitting that Iran is officially listed at #3 largest oil reserves in the world. Those dynamics are changing as Russia and Venezuela have teamed up and between Russia, oil and natural gas they control now in the Caspian Basin and within the boundaries of Russia. A new energy colossus is emerging due to the deft strategic moves Russia has made, and the Neocons are wigging out because it violates their 1992 Wolfowitz Doctrine.

As noted earlier, Russia was already on the move in Libya, too, and they have a very good relationship with Iran the US government should study and learn something for a change.

For those challenged in reading maps, Iran is the nation in ‘spring green’ and on the bar scale is #3 (spring green) in the world.

Of course, Canada’s claim of being #2 is in doubt now since theirs is mostly oil sands and are not economically viable when oil is under a threshold of about $75 to $100 per barrel. Russia is far bigger than shown on this older chart and so is Venezuela. Hence, the current panic attack by the Neocons regarding the Russia-Venezuela relationship that was a checkmate on the Neocons.

If you missed my last article it explains what the Neocons’ problem is regarding Venezuela and Russia being partners, this is the link:

As many readers probably know, part of the US policy towards Iran is due to their very close relationship with Russia and China, and what is a rapidly evolving energy supply route to India as well. Of course, Russia, India and China are part of the BRIC and will be major competitors whether the USA likes that or not. That does not make them enemies of the US in a ‘death threat’ sort of way; they are competitors that the USA is falling further behind with each passing day to even be able to compete with or against.

Choosing violence and made up illegal wars of aggression is not competing. This quote sums up the Neocons in one short sentence:

I doubt those words would sink into a thick skull like John McCain that such a quote is aimed at myopic morons like him and other likeminded Neocons.

One should take note that Iran has not attacked another nation in 214 years. Russia has not attacked in offense, only defense since September 1991 when the USSR ceased to exist and much of Europe was free again. Russia and China chose pens, contracts and business. Both have built a global economic and resource empire that the USA would be wise to emulate instead of trying to steal everything at gun point and illegal unjust wars of aggression and regime changes.

Their endless string of failures due to the Neocons’ idiotic approach to reality has yet to wake them up. Their attempting underhanded regime changes that have blown up in their face every time, creating wars based in lies, directly aiding and abetting terrorism and otherwise meddling in foreign nations rather than fixing what is wrong inside of America itself are sure indications that these Neocons have not one damned clue what they are doing wrong. If they do know and do not modify their tactics, they are truly about the dumbest people in Washington DC and maybe even in all of America.

If you were to watch these Neocons as close as I have since they started emerging, they are so damned predictable. First was their grand escapade ‘walk in the park’ to attack Afghanistan and Iraq and American troops would be welcomed as liberators. Oops!!! The body bags and seriously wounded went up precipitously when the bank robbers, thieves, trespassers and invaders met resistance just as they would have had if the Afghans or Iraqis invaded Texas or North Carolina. These Neocons are that stupid, then cannot reverse think on what a “what if” is or what the ramifications, costs or blowback would be for their stupid ideas.

Then they chose Libya, Syria, Ukraine, their ‘pivot to Asia’ and now Venezuela in that order, as their lame-assed ‘pivots’ because they still have not figured out how to do ‘business’ without violence. Then they get on TV with their lame-assed excuse for failing again as ‘they hate us for our freedoms’.

Guess what? That excuse is not the truth. The entire world wants freedom as human nature and a God given right; what the Neocons represent is subjugation to the Global Empire America. Their definition of democracy is a cruel lie and their pretense of freedom and liberty is a lame as the ‘batteries not included’ gift.

Then when they cannot get their way they whip out the ‘sanctions’ to raise the cost for anyone that will not yield or kneel to them. Even as Dick Cheney stated in the Reagan Administration, sanctions do not work. The EU is already figuring out that joining in the sanctions against Russia might be one of the dumbest things they have done in the past 20 to 30 years.

Well, I am one Conservative American that thinks the rest of the world should sanction the United States until they get the hint and kick these idiot Neocons to the curb, or put them away for life due to their crimes against this world with their idiot ideas.

They will not stop for one reason. The Grand Chessboard lunacy and the self-serving Wolfowitz Doctrine does not allow the arrogant to admit that their idiotic idea was never achievable. Even in pursuing it they made a mockery of what the United States is supposed to stand for in this world but no longer does.

During the Reagan Administration he would not allow Israel unfettered access to the Pentagon or our government. Maybe Reagan remembered the intentional Israeli attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 better than most Americans do now. I think it was during Reagan’s term in office where things started shifting and the Neocons as we know them started their move for power and policy influence during the George H W Bush Administration.

On April 18, 1983, the US Embassy in Beirut Lebanon was attacked during the Reagan Administration.

“The April 18, 1983 United States embassy bombing was a suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, that killed 63 people, mostly embassy and CIA staff members, several soldiers and one Marine. 17 of the dead were Americans. It was the deadliest attack on a U.S. diplomatic mission up to that time, and is thought of as marking the beginning of anti-U.S. attacks by Islamist groups.”

Then on October 23, 1983 another bombing directed at the Marine barracks at the Beirut International Airport claimed many French and American servicemen lives.

“The Beirut Barracks Bombings (October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon) occurred during the Lebanese Civil War when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States and French military forces—members of the Multinational Force (MNF) in Lebanon—killing 299 American and French servicemen. An obscure group calling itself ‘Islamic Jihad’ claimed responsibility for the bombings.[2]”

I was in Washington DC and NYC often due to business from 1981-1996 and it was being discussed in high levels of the Reagan Administration that Israel was probably behind this second bombing. Even back then Israel was trying to get the USA to use its military might, money and blood of US troops to attack Israel’s enemies. As you will read below, this was during the same period of time that Paul Wolfowitz was pushing hard as an advocate for Israeli interests, even during the Reagan Administration.

Later a former Mossad agent admitted in his book that Israel did in fact know the exact day, time and target of this bombing but did not share that information with the United States.

“Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky, in his 1990 book By Way of Deception, has accused the Mossad of knowing the specific time and location of the bombing, but only gave general information to the Americans of the attack, information which was worthless. According to Ostrovsky, then Mossad head Nahum Admoni decided against giving the specific details to the Americans on the grounds that the Mossad’s responsibility was to protect Israel’s interests, not Americans.”

And these are our allies and friends?

Remember well the ‘Five Dancing Israelis’ on September 11, 2001 that were set up and filming the attacks on WTC and ‘high fiving’ they were so happy to see the USA under ‘terrorist attack’. They were all released and fled back to Israel, and FBI demands for extradition of Dominik Suter (one of the Five Dancing Israelis) have been rejected by Israel. The name of Dominik Suter surfaced after 9-11 when the FBI found an account in Europe that had been used as part of the financing of 9-11.

And Israel is a friend and ally to the United States?

Reagan was giving serious thought to pulling the US troops and US involvement out of Lebanon because that was a civil war that the USA had no national interests at stake whatsoever. The US did not withdraw until much later after these two bombings in 1983.

Most Americans do not know that Israel has been caught at least 125 times spying on America and not one US president except Ronald Reagan has held them accountable except when Pollard was sentenced and sent to prison in 1987 for spying on behalf of Israel. Israel has leaned on every US president since for a Presidential Pardon and release of Jonathan Pollard. They finally admitted in 1998 that he was in fact an Israeli spy.

The author of the Wolfowitz Doctrine was a student of Leo Strauss at the University of Chicago, but only took 2 classes, not hardly a major in ‘Neoconservatism’. He is a dual citizen Zionist Jew that has emerged as the label of Zionist Neocon Jew by his own admission and actions. He was in the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and Bush II administrations. During the Reagan Administration he finally started being an advocate for Israel.

One common thread in all of this has been Paul Wolfowitz, directly involved and in key positions in seven consecutive presidential administrations. Additionally, pushing for Israel’s interests as far back as the Reagan Administration. Another common thread has been Zionist Jew Richard Perle, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

“In the 1970s Wolfowitz served as an aide to Democratic Senator Henry M. Jackson, who influenced several neoconservatives, including Wolfowitz and Richard Perle. Jackson was a Cold War liberal supporting higher military spending and a hard line against the Soviet Union, while also supporting social welfare programs, civil rights, and labor unions.[18]”

[My note, and note a war hawk Liberal Democrat influencing neoconservatives. This is the germ of when both sides started getting infected with ‘stuck on stupid’ What they call leadership in DC is a farce.]

“In 1972 U.S. President Richard Nixon, under pressure from Senator Jackson, dismissed the head of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) and replaced him with Fred Ikle. Ikle brought in a new team including Wolfowitz. Wolfowitz wrote research papers and drafted testimony, as he had previously done at the Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defense Policy.”

“Under President Gerald Ford, the American intelligence agencies came under attack over their annually published National Intelligence Estimate. According to Mann: “The underlying issue was whether the C.I.A. and other agencies were underestimating the threat from the Soviet Union, either by intentionally tailoring intelligence to support Kissinger’s policy of détente or by simply failing to give enough weight to darker interpretations of Soviet intentions.” Attempting to counter these claims, the new Director of Central Intelligence, George H. W. Bush formed a committee of anti-Communist experts, headed by Richard Pipes, to reassess the raw data. Based on the recommendation of Richard Perle, Pipes picked Wolfowitz for this committee, which was later called Team B.[19]”

[My note: During the Ford Administration is the first time that George H W Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney and Wolfowitz were in key positions to influence or make plans to influence later. It bears noting Desert Storm 1991, GHWB comment on “New World Order” and the 1992 Wolfowitz Doctrine all coincide during the one-term presidency of GHWB. He was not re-elected and was kicked out for cause.]

“Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs

In 1977, during the Carter administration, Wolfowitz moved to the Pentagon. He was U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Regional Programs for the U.S. Defense Department, under U.S. Secretary of Defense Harold Brown.

In 1980, Wolfowitz resigned from the Pentagon and became a visiting professor at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University. According to The Washington Post: “He said it was not he who changed his political philosophy so much as the Democratic Party, which abandoned the hard-headed internationalism of Harry Truman, Kennedy and Jackson.”[1]”

“State Department Director of Policy Planning

Following the 1980 election of President Ronald Reagan, the new National Security Advisor Richard V. Allen formed the administration’s foreign policy advisory team. Allen initially rejected Wolfowitz’s appointment but following discussions, instigated by former colleague John Lehman, Allen offered Wolfowitz the position of Director of Policy Planning at the Department of State.”

[My note: John Lehman, Secretary of the Navy under Reagan; 9-11 Commission appointee under Bush-Cheney. You think that one through and the eyes may open since one was directly involved in Pentagon policies well in advance in September 11, 2001 to attack Afghanistan. Plus Wolfowitz was directly involved in the Pentagon “Lie Factory” and all of the Iraq lies and excuses for an illegal unjust war of aggression. Then the other party Lehman as part of the Bush-Cheney cover-up on the 9-11 Commission itself. Lehman has stated that they put together a staff that had ‘conflicts of interests’ regarding getting to the truth about September 11, 2001. Probably true, possibly being seen or indicted as war criminals could cause some conflicts.]

“President Reagan’s foreign policy was heavily influenced by the Kirkpatrick Doctrine, as outlined in a 1979 article in Commentary by Jeane Kirkpatrick entitled “Dictatorships and Double Standards”.

Although most governments in the world are, as they always have been, autocracies of one kind or another, no idea hold greater sway in the mind of educated Americans than the belief that it is possible to democratize governments, anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances…. (But) decades, if not centuries, are normally required for people to acquire the necessary disciplines and habits.”

[My comment: I personally knew Jeane Kirkpatrick and her observations about the reality of these Neocon regime changes and immediate insertion of ‘democracy’ is but a marketing ploy to justify the Neocon’s actions. It is never a ‘walk in the park’ like the Neocons have tried to assure everyone. That is a major flaw in the Neocon Business Plan and it is due to their myopic delusion when they appointed themselves Rulers of the World. If the Neocons were really so adamant about marketing democracy… they would be more focused on fixing Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain rather than backing totalitarian regimes. Think on that one because the ‘democracy gig’ is merely window dressing so Americans will sit and watch the Shock & Awe as if it were the Super Bowl. Vaclav Havel may have said it best: ‘The people of a nation get the leaders they deserve.’]

“Wolfowitz broke from this official line by denouncing Saddam Hussein of Iraq at a time when Donald Rumsfeld was offering the dictator support in his conflict with Iran. James Mann points out: “quite a few neo-conservatives, like Wolfowitz, believed strongly in democratic ideals; they had taken from the philosopher Leo Strauss the notion that there is a moral duty to oppose a leader who is a ‘tyrant.'”[21] Other areas where Wolfowitz disagreed with the administration was in his opposition to attempts to open up dialogue with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and to the sale of Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft to Saudi Arabia. “In both instances,” according to Mann, “Wolfowitz demonstrated himself to be one of the strongest supporters of Israel in the Reagan administration.”

[My comment because this is the best time to state this. Leo Strauss was very clear in his teachings that it is a moral duty to oppose a leader who is a ‘tyrant’ as stated in the foregoing. Somewhere along the way the Neocons appear to have developed an arrogance that they are untouchable as the tyrants they prove they are, and how dare anyone have a moral duty to stand up to them. Think on that one because much of what you are seeing is not terrorism or even a threat to the USA itself. People do have a moral duty to stand up to a tyrant unless they wish to have no freedoms or liberties. That ‘moral duty’ is not predicated on nationality, race, skin color or religion. That is what Machiavelli was 100% right about. When it is the Neocon led policies that are the tyrant, people within the USA and in other nations do in fact have a moral duty to say NO. If you watch real close the rest of the world is telling these arrogant Neocons ‘NO!’ and they are acting more stupid and more desperate when more and more people and nations turn their back on the United States and the Neocon delusions.]

“Mann stresses: “It was on China that Wolfowitz launched his boldest challenge to the established order.” After Nixon and Kissinger had gone to China in the early 1970s, U.S. policy was to make concessions to China as an essential Cold War ally. The Chinese were now pushing for the U.S. to end arms sales to Taiwan, and Wolfowitz used the Chinese incentive as an opportunity to undermine Kissinger’s foreign policy toward China. Instead, Wolfowitz advocated a unilateralist policy, claiming that the U.S. did not need China’s assistance but that the Chinese needed the U.S. to protect them against the far-more-likely prospect of a Soviet invasion of the Chinese mainland. Wolfowitz soon came into conflict with Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who had been Kissinger’s assistant at the time of the visits to China. On March 30, 1982, The New York Times predicted that “Paul D. Wolfowitz, the director of policy planning … will be replaced,” because “Mr. Haig found Mr. Wolfowitz too theoretical.” Instead, on June 25, 1982, George P. Shultz replaced Haig as U.S. Secretary of State, and Wolfowitz was promoted.”

“State Department Assistant Secretary for East Asian and Pacific Affairs

In 1982, the new U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz appointed Wolfowitz as Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.

Jeane Kirkpatrick, on a visit to the Philippines, was welcomed by the dictator Ferdinand Marcos who quoted heavily from her 1979 Commentary article Dictatorships and Double Standards and although Kirkpatrick had been forced to speak-out in favor of democracy the article continued to influence Reagan’s policy toward Marcos. Following the assassination of Philippine opposition leader Benigno Aquino, Jr. in 1983 many within the Reagan administration including the President himself began to fear that the Philippines could fall to the communists and the U.S. military would lose its strongholds at Clark Air Force Base and Subic Bay Naval Station. Wolfowitz tried to change the administration’s policy, stating in an April 15, 1985 article in The Wall Street Journal that “The best antidote to Communism is democracy.” Wolfowitz and his assistant Lewis Libby made trips to Manila where they called for democratic reforms and met with non-communist opposition leaders.

Mann points out that “the Reagan administration’s decision to support democratic government in the Philippines had been hesitant, messy, crisis-driven and skewed by the desire to do what was necessary to protect the American military installations.” Following massive street protests, Marcos fled the country on a U.S. Air Force plane and the U.S. recognized the government of Corazón Aquino.

From 1986 to 1989, during the military-backed government of President Suharto, Wolfowitz was the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia.[22]

According to Peter J. Boyer,

Wolfowitz’s appointment to Indonesia was not an immediately obvious match. He was a Jew representing America in the largest Muslim republic in the world, an advocate of democracy in Suharto’s dictatorship. But Wolfowitz’s tenure as Ambassador was a notable success, largely owing to the fact that, in essence, he went native. With tutoring help from his driver, he learned the language, and hurled himself into the culture. He attended academic seminars, climbed volcanoes, and toured the neighborhoods of Jakarta.[5]

Sipress and Nakashima report that “Wolfowitz’s colleagues and friends, both Indonesian and American” pointed to the “U.S. envoy’s quiet pursuit of political and economic reforms in Indonesia.”[23] Dewi Fortuna Anwar, a foreign policy adviser to B. J. Habibie, Suharto’s successor as head of state (1998­99), stated “that Wolfowitz was a competent and popular envoy.” But “he never intervened to push human rights or stand up to corruption.”[22]

Wolfowitz, Gen. Colin Powell (left), and Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf (middle) listen as Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney addresses reporters regarding the 1991 Gulf War.

From 1989 to 1993, Wolfowitz served in the administration of George H. W. Bush as Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, under then U.S. Defense Secretary Dick Cheney. During the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Wolfowitz’s team coordinated and reviewed military strategy, raising $50 billion in allied financial support for the operation. Wolfowitz was present with Cheney, Colin Powell and others, on February 27, 1991, at the meeting with the President where it was decided that the troops should be demobilized.

On February 25, 1998, Wolfowitz testified before a congressional committee that he thought that “the best opportunity to overthrow Saddam was, unfortunately, lost in the month right after the war.”[26] Wolfowitz added that he was horrified in March as “Saddam Hussein flew helicopters that slaughtered the people in the south and in the north who were rising up against him, while American fighter pilots flew overhead, desperately eager to shoot down those helicopters, and not allowed to do so.” During that hearing, he also stated: “Some people might say—and I think I would sympathize with this view—that perhaps if we had delayed the ceasefire by a few more days, we might have got rid of Saddam Hussein.””

[My note: that is exactly what Israel wanted as you will read below. However, even as Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney stated when asked why they did not seek Saddam Hussein’s removal in 1991 he clearly stated that the US knew if they did Iraq would fall into civil war because the only thing keeping it intact was Saddam Hussein. As indicated in the photo above with Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf. Wolfowitz was involved in Desert Storm during the Bush I administration. More will follow on that when I write about why only an idiot American would vote for Jeb Bush for president.]

“After the 1991 Persian Gulf War, Wolfowitz and his then-assistant Scooter Libby wrote the “Defense Planning Guidance of 1992,” which came to be known as the Wolfowitz Doctrine, to “set the nation’s direction for the next century.”[6] As military strategist Andrew Bacevich described the doctrine:”

[My comment: Remember well that when the Valerie Plame CIA matters were coming public after Bush and Blair attacked Iraq on their WMD lies, Scooter Libby as Chief of Staff for Vice President Dick Cheney was prosecuted and sentenced for exposing her as a CIA asset. The Bush-Cheney team were getting desperate to make their ‘WMD lie’ stick and not have the world view the invasion as an Illegal Unjust War of Aggression, which is by definition a War Crime. The media were already getting wise to the lies that Bush and Blair had told to make the case for the March 2003 invasion of Iraq. There were no WMD, Iraq had nothing to do with September 11, 2001, and Iraq was no ‘imminent threat’ to the USA, Israel or any other nation due to the sanctions the US had enforced for 12 years. Those sanctions after Desert Storm 1991 to the 2003 invasion were at the cost of about 500,000 to 600,000 dead Iraqis by starvation, diseases and dying from Depleted Uranium exposure due to US weapons used in Desert Storm. Scooter Libby was sentenced to prison, they should have sent Dick Cheney, too. George W. Bush commuted Libby’s sentence and should have been impeached for doing so. Think on that because neither side of the aisle did anything even though the public outrage was at a peak on this underhanded move by Bush.]

“Before this classified document was fully vetted by the White House, it was leaked to The New York Times, which made it front-page news. The draft DPG announced that it had become the “first objective” of U.S. policy “to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival.” With an eye toward “deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role,” the United States would maintain unquestioned military superiority and, if necessary, employ force unilaterally. As window dressing, allies might be nice, but the United States no longer considered them necessary.[6] “

[My note: This is the Wolfowitz Doctrine in action against Afghanistan to get the CIS basin oil and natural gas, to crush Iraq for the oil and natural gas, Libya for daring not to kneel and they have lots of oil and natural gas. Then Syria because Israel wants them destroyed and US wants them out of the way for an Iraq pipeline to EU rather than Russia being the backbone of EU energy supplies, Ukraine to hem in Russia and now Venezuela. Learn to connect the dots on why the Neocons do what they do and care not how many die so they can still chase their delusional Global Empire America.]

“At that time the official administration line was “containment”, and the contents of Wolfowitz’s plan calling for “preemption” and “unilateralism” which was opposed by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell and President Bush.[6] Defense Secretary Cheney produced a revised plan released in 1992. Many of the ideas in the Wolfowitz Doctrine later became part of the Bush Doctrine.[6] He left the government after the 1992 election.

At the helm of SAIS – Johns Hopkins University

Main article: Project for the New American Century

From 1994 to 2001, Wolfowitz served as Professor of International Relations and Dean of the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University.[6] He was instrumental in adding more than $75 million to the university’s endowment, developing an international finance concentration as part of the curriculum, and combining the various Asian studies programs into one department. He also advised Bob Dole on foreign policy during his 1996 U.S. Presidential election campaign, which was managed by Donald Rumsfeld.[27]

According to Kampfner, “Wolfowitz used his perch at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies as a test-bed for a new conservative world vision.” Wolfowitz was associated with the Project for the New American Century (PNAC); he signed both the PNAC’s June 3, 1997 “Statement of Principles”,[28] and its January 26, 1998, open letter to President Bill Clinton.[29]”

[My note: ‘new conservative world vision’, hence “Neocons”. Also note that they initially were focused on getting Clinton to act, but he was otherwise preoccupied with the Kenneth Starr ‘Whitewater’ investigation, the Monica Lewinsky affair and the Paula Corbin Jones v. William Jefferson Clinton sexual harassment lawsuit that Clinton was forced to settle out of court, be impeached and reprimanded by the US House, and later disbarred for life as an attorney.]

“In February 1998 Wolfowitz testified before a Congressional hearing, stating that the current administration lacked the sense of purpose to “liberate ourselves, our friends and allies in the region, and the Iraqi people themselves from the menace of Saddam Hussein.”[30]

In September 2000 the PNAC produced a 90-page report entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces and Resources for a New Century, advocating the redeployment of U.S. troops in permanent bases in strategic locations throughout the world where they can be ready to act to protect U.S. interests abroad.[31] During the 2000 U.S. Presidential election campaign, Wolfowitz served as a foreign policy advisor to George W. Bush as part of the group led by Condoleezza Rice calling itself The Vulcans.[32]

From 2001 to 2005, during the George W. Bush administration, Wolfowitz served as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense reporting to U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

The September 11 attacks in 2001 was a turning point in administration policy, as Wolfowitz later explained: “9/11 really was a wake up call and that if we take proper advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction that it will have been an extremely valuable wake up call,” adding: “if we say our only problem was to respond to 9/11, and we wait until somebody hits us with nuclear weapons before we take that kind of threat seriously, we will have made a very big mistake.”[33]

In the first emergency meeting of the National Security Council on the day of the attacks, Rumsfeld asked, “Why shouldn’t we go against Iraq, not just al-Qaeda?” with Wolfowitz adding that Iraq was a “brittle, oppressive regime that might break easily—it was doable,” and, according to John Kampfner, “from that moment on, he and Wolfowitz used every available opportunity to press the case.”[34] The idea was initially rejected, at the behest of Secretary of State Colin Powell, but, according to Kampfner, “Undeterred Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz held secret meetings about opening up a second front—against Saddam. Powell was excluded.” In such meetings they created a policy that would later be dubbed the Bush Doctrine, centering on “pre-emption” and the war on Iraq, which the PNAC had advocated in their earlier letters.[35]”

[My note: Notice that even on the day of September 11, 2001 there was already talk about attacking Iraq, even though they had nothing whatsoever to do with September 11, 2001. Also remember that under the Reagan Administration it was Rumsfeld arming Iraq with every type of weapons except nuclear arms to attack Iran. That is completely consistent with what retired General Wesley Clark has been stating publicly that less than 2 weeks after 9-11 he was told in the Pentagon there were already plans to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq. Several weeks later he was told that the Bush Administration planned to regime change 7 nations in 5 years. Those included Afghanistan as the excuse September 11, 2001 created as the “Pearl Harbor”, but then Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan and then Iran. The Neocons had to shift gears and include Ukraine when Russia had amassed the Russia oil, most of the CIS Caspian Basin oil and natural gas and then the 80% stake in the Orinoco Basin in Venezuela. Also recall that during the world cup soccer games in Brazil, the BRIC became official and even after the Neocons had sanctions put against Russia the two colossal energy deals of $400 billion and $325 billion between Russia and China were announced. Their South Stream pipeline game blew up in their face when Putin and Erdogan in Turkey announced that the route for South Stream would go to Turkey instead of the original plan to land at Bulgaria and include many of the nations in the southern tier of the EU.]

Comments by Retired General Wesley Clark:

“After the September 11 attacks, the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to fight Al-Qaeda, which orchestrated the attack.[35] The invasion of Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001. And, although victory was declared on March 6, 2002[citation needed], fighting continues as of 2013. On October 10, 2001, George Robertson, then Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, went to the Pentagon to offer NATO troops, planes and ships to assist. Wolfowitz rebuffed the offer, saying: “We can do everything we need to.” Wolfowitz later announced publicly, according to Kampfner, “that ‘allies, coalitions and diplomacy’ were of little immediate concern.”

[My note: The Bush Administration had no evidence whatsoever that Afghanistan orchestrated the attacks on September 11, 2001. They were planning and provisioning for that war shortly after Bush was sworn into office in January 2001.]

Ten months later, on January 15, 2003, with hostilities still continuing, Wolfowitz made a fifteen-hour visit to the Afghan capital, Kabul, and met with the new president Hamid Karzai. Wolfowitz stated, “We’re clearly moving into a different phase, where our priority in Afghanistan is increasingly going to be stability and reconstruction. There’s no way to go too fast. Faster is better.” Despite the promises, according to Hersh, “little effort to provide the military and economic resources” necessary for reconstruction was made.[35] This criticism would also re-occur after the 2003 invasion of Iraq later that year.[35]

On April 16, 2002 the National Solidarity Rally for Israel was called in Washington to promote US support and collaboration with Israel. Wolfowitz was the sole representative of the Bush administration to attend, speaking alongside Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. As reported by the BBC, Wolfowitz told the crowd that US President George W. Bush “wants you to know that he stands in solidarity with you”.[36] Sharon Samber and Matthew E. Berger reported for Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) that Wolfowitz continued by saying that “Innocent Palestinians are suffering and dying as well. It is critical that we recognize and acknowledge that fact,” before being booed and drowned out by chants of “No more Arafat.”[37]

Following the declaration of victory in Afghanistan the Bush administration had started to plan for the next stage of the War on Terror. According to John Kampfner, “Emboldened by their experience in Afghanistan, they saw the opportunity to root out hostile regimes in the Middle East and to implant very American interpretations of democracy and free markets, from Iraq to Iran and Saudi Arabia. Wolfowitz epitomized this view.” Wolfowitz “saw a liberated Iraq as both paradigm and linchpin for future interventions.” The 2003 invasion of Iraq began on March 19.[35]

Prior to the invasion, Wolfowitz actively championed it, as he later stated: “For reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason”[38][39]”

[My note: They already knew there were no WMD, no connection to 9-11 or Al Qaeda whatsoever, and Iraq was no threat to the USA. About 1 year before Bush ordered that attack both Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell stated in Egypt that the sanctions had worked, Iraq had no WMD. The entire justification for invading Iraq was manufactured inside the Pentagon by the Bush-Cheney Administration, including Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Feith and some others, and of course Dick Cheney was the Vice President and Scooter Libby running the water errands so Bush and Cheney could feign ‘plausible deniability’.]

“The job of finding WMD and providing justification for the attack would fall to the intelligence services, but, according to Kampfner, “Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz believed that, while the established security services had a role, they were too bureaucratic and too traditional in their thinking.” As a result “they set up what came to be known as the ‘cabal’, a cell of eight or nine analysts in a new Office of Special Plans (OSP) based in the U.S. Defense Department.” According to an unnamed Pentagon source quoted by Hersh, the OSP “was created in order to find evidence of what Wolfowitz and his boss, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, believed to be true—that Saddam Hussein had close ties to Al Qaeda, and that Iraq had an enormous arsenal of chemical, biological, and possibly even nuclear weapons that threatened the region and, potentially, the United States.”[35]”

[My note: Their Office of Special Plans was also nicknamed “The Lie Factory”.]

“Within months of being set up, the OSP “rivaled both the CIA and the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency, the DIA, as President Bush’s main source of intelligence regarding Iraq’s possible possession of weapons of mass destruction and connection with Al Qaeda.” Hersh explains that the OSP “relied on data gathered by other intelligence agencies and also on information provided by the Iraqi National Congress, or I.N.C., the exile group headed by Ahmad Chalabi.” According to Kampfner, the CIA had ended its funding of the I.N.C. “in the mid-1990s when doubts were cast about Chalabi’s reliability.” Nevertheless “as the administration geared up for conflict with Saddam, Chalabi was welcomed in the inner sanctum of the Pentagon” under the auspices of the OSP, and “Wolfowitz did not see fit to challenge any of Chalabi’s information.” The actions of the OSP have led to accusation of the Bush administration “fixing intelligence to support policy” with the aim of influencing Congress in its use of the War Powers Act.[35]

Kampfner outlined Wolfowitz’s strategy for the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which “envisaged the use of air support and the occupation of southern Iraq with ground troops, to install a new government run by Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress.” Wolfowitz believed that the operation would require minimal troop deployment, Hersh explains, because “any show of force would immediately trigger a revolt against Saddam within Iraq, and that it would quickly expand.”[35] The financial expenditure would be kept low, Kampfner observes, if “under the plan American troops would seize the oil fields around Basra, in the South, and sell the oil to finance the opposition.””

[My note: In America and in most nations that underlined statement above is called ‘premeditated murder and theft of property’. There are many dead and maimed US soldiers and Iraqis due to the Neocon logic that theft of property and premeditated murder is OK and will be heralded as liberators. They have yet to be right, even once.]

“On March 27, 2003, Wolfowitz told the House Appropriations Committee[40] that oil revenue earned by Iraq alone would pay for Iraq’s reconstruction after the Iraq war; he testified his “rough recollection” was:[40] “The oil revenues of that country could bring between $50 and $100 billion over the course of the next two or three years. Now, there are a lot of claims on that money, but … We are dealing with a country that can really finance its own reconstruction and relatively soon.”[41] By October of that year, “Lawrence Di Rita, the Pentagon’s chief spokesman, said ‘prewar estimates that may be borne out in fact are likelier to be more lucky than smart.’ [He] added that earlier estimates and statements by Mr. Wolfowitz and others ‘oozed with uncertainty.'” Di Rita’s comments came as a much less optimistic secret Pentagon study—which had been complete at the time of Wolfowitz’s testimony—was coming to public light, and when actual production results in Iraq were coinciding with those projected in the less optimistic Pentagon study.[40]”

[My note: Even in Ukraine one of the Neocon idiots on Wall Street was touting how much money they could make privatizing the pipelines across Ukraine. Problem is those belong to Russia, not Ukraine. That is also evidence of how defective, greedy and self-serving all of these Neocon brain farts truly are.]

“During Wolfowitz’s pre-war testimony before Congress, he dismissed General Eric K. Shinseki’s estimates of the size of the post war occupation force and estimated that fewer than 100,000 troops would be necessary in the war. Two days after Shinseki testified, Wolfowitz said to the House Budget Committee on February 27, 2003:

There has been a good deal of comment—some of it quite outlandish—about what our postwar requirements might be in Iraq. Some of the higher end predictions we have been hearing recently, such as the notion that it will take several hundred thousand U.S. troops to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq, are wildly off the mark. It is hard to conceive that it would take more forces to provide stability in post-Saddam Iraq than it would take to conduct the war itself and to secure the surrender of Saddam’s security forces and his army—hard to imagine.[35]”

[My note: Typical Neocon failure in thinking. When no experience in such matters they know better than anyone else what the solution is. That is why they fail over and over and over again. They keep ‘secrets’ so others cannot figure out their agenda.]

“On October 26, 2003, while in Baghdad staying at the Al-Rashid Hotel Wolfowitz narrowly escaped an attack when six rockets hit the floors below his room.[42] Army Lt. Col. Charles H. Buehring was killed and seventeen other soldiers were wounded.[43] Wolfowitz and his DOD staffers escaped unharmed and returned to the United States on October 28, 2003.”

After Wolfowitz got out of the War Business, he was appointed as head of the World Bank. As most astute people know that is yet another instrumentality the USA uses to bludgeon smaller nations into line for the Neocons’ Global Empire America agenda.

It was also during this particular period in US history from George H W Bush forward that a certain Israeli Zionist Jew named Edward Luttwak was starting to have access to the Pentagon and the formulation of US war policy in the Middle East. He is a hardliner Far Right Zionist Israeli Jew, member of JINSA, and was allowed into the Pentagon as an advisor on Middle East affairs. Of course, most of the 7 nations that Bush had on the “Hit List” are enemies of Israel, not necessarily enemies of or a threat to the USA in any manner.

I have written in the past several times what Luttwak’s comment was regarding Iraq in 1991 and why Saddam Hussein and Iraq had to be stopped. That was of course in Israel’s best interest or their ‘dream come true’ to stomp out any ‘regional power’ by utilizing the Wolfowitz Doctrine against an enemy of Israel, and had nothing to do with US national security because Saddam Hussein was no threat to the USA whatsoever:

“Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend the bulk of their lives outside of their country, and who fritter away the Kingdom’s oil profits on prostitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris. No, Saddam is building railways! Creating electrical networks! Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure! After eight years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini, he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard, which incorporates so many of this technical elite, in order to rebuild his war-devastated country. These people are his technicians, his engineers. If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes, they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region, and we cannot allow this to happen.”

If you take his comments in the proper context, it was Israel that wanted Iraq destroyed and neither then in 1991 nor in 2003 were the Iraqis any threat to the USA whatsoever. You can go back to the Reagan Administration information above on Wolfowitz to see when he emerged as an ardent proponent of what Israel wants, not what the USA needs in the Middle East.

Luttwak is also the author of a book and some of the hardliner Neocons are ardent about it. It is as its title suggests “A Practical Handbook” for coup d’état.

I have written about Edward Luttwak before and what his ‘Zionist theology’ is and what his book is about:

Looking at the chronology and who has been involved in key positions in US administrations I can easily see how the real architects and long-term promoters of this abomination of US policy have been Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Scooter Libby, Richard Perle, George H W Bush and a few other bad actors that appear and then are gone to hiding behind the scenes.

Maybe the right term or label for these people is not Neoconservative, Neocon, pretense DNC liberal or pretense RNC conservative, or proponents of ‘Movement Conservatism’.

Maybe the right definition is ‘traitors against the United States of America and its people’.

The only thing new or ‘neo’ about their theology is they seem to think that the most despicable of Americans are the only people on Earth qualified to lead any nation or the totalitarian Global Empire America they are clearly proponents of and seek with their every action.

They are also liars, war criminals, violators of human rights, thieves, torturers, warmongers and terrorists. Americans need to look in the mirror and admit that instead of calling them leaders or honorable they need to label them properly. Then Americans need to do something about it like demand in the tens of millions or a hundred million strong that Washington DC prosecute them or DC itself step down for failure to lead and failure to uphold the rule of law.

There is a regime change needed and it is purge Washington DC of the Neocons and any US government official, elected or appointed, that aids and abets this travesty towards the world.

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