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Aliens Attack India, Kill 7 People – “Muhnochwa” UFO Caught On Film

Aliens Attack India, Kill 7 People – “Muhnochwa” UFO Caught On Film



We have all seen movies where aliens arrive in UFOs and attack human beings with laser beams. But how would you react if such an incident happened in real life?

Believe it or not, what I just said happened 12 years ago in a small town near Lucknow, India.

Reported in the newspaper article published in Victoria Advocate on August 13th 2002. It reads “UFOs are attacking and causing unrest in India”.

Above this caption you can see a picture of a man who has multiple injuries to his face.

This is an authentic piece of news, because it was published in hundreds of newspapers around the world and was even broadcasted on the local radio station.

Around the end of July 2002, villagers started to see strange flying objects swarming the sky.

Two kinds of UFOs were reported: One was a disc shaped or a ball like object with flashing lights which moved rapidly.

The other was an insect shaped craft that was much larger and moved extremely slowly.

While the smaller UFO was seen only around Lucknow area, the bug shaped craft was so large that people who lived 50 miles from Lucknow could see it directly above them.

UFO experts say that the large cricket shaped craft was possibly the mothership, while the smaller disc shaped UFOs were deployed from it.

After a few days of inactivity, things escalated and the UFOs started attacking people. 7 people died, and many of them suffered burn injuries, so the UFOs earned the nickname Muhnochwa which means face burner.

Doctors confirmed that these injuries were electrical burns caused by electricity passing through the body.

Ramji Pal, a middle-aged man was attacked with a laser like beam and his stomach was ripped open. He died 2 days later. A similar attack on a 53 year old woman resulted in blackened forearms.

Another alarming fact is that within a period of one week, more than 20 people went missing within a radius of 10 miles, never to be seen again.

Remember, this was not just a simple rumor that went around quietly among the villagers.

It was so serious that 10,000 people gathered in front of the police station demanding action against these attacking aliens. Predictably, the police completely brushed off the possibility of extraterrestrials and dispersed the crowd.

Is this solid proof that alien UFOs attacked these villagers? So far, we have seen multiple eyewitness accounts and people with bodily injuries.

But authorities refused to accept these as concrete evidences of extraterrestrial attack until actual video footage emerged showing these UFOs. And these UFOs were captured on film not just once, but on 6 different cameras.

Were these footages, created by pranksters? No, the first person to catch an alien craft on camera was in fact a district judge. He is the only person who captured the large insect shaped UFO hovering over a field.

4 days later the smaller disc shaped UFOs were captured on 5 different cameras confirming that these were in fact flying objects that moved over villages during night time.

While the affected villagers created their own protection squad that roamed around the village after dark to prevent future alien attacks, these quote on quote “educated Government officials” were trying to come up with alternate theories.
Born in 1970 in Eugene Oregon from a family of Christian roots, Randy excelled early in life in special talent and gifted programs while in school. Despite his dogmatic upbringing, Randy began meditating at 11 years old. He has a keen ability for direct observation and is primarily self taught in many areas of interest.

During Randy’s childhood, adolescence and early adult years, he was visited by various ETs and black military operation personnel. At the time, these were believed to be only dreams, until decades later, after much PTSD therapy, spirit releasement and memory recovery work. A deep process of understanding, discernment and daily meditation has now brought him to a whole, healed and grounded place.

Randy now lives with a fully recovered memory of his “secret life” working for the Mars Defense Force (MDF) and Earth Defense League. MDF is part of the Earth Defense Force, a UN “Unacknowledged Special Access Program”, whose primary function is to protect the Mars Colony Corporation, which consists of five civilian space colonies. Aries Prime is the main human “headquarters” on Mars, and is located inside of a crater.

He was recruited in 1987 into the “US Marine Corps Special Section” following his “ secret training in Project Moonshadow”, which is basically a joint human military and ET “Bronze” alliance.

These black operations involved a 20 year plus tour of duty, spent mostly off world on Mars or patrolling the solar system as part of a Blue and Gold Air wing assigned to the S.S.E.D.F. Nautilus. He has seen the worst of war on the ground and the most amazing things an EDF pilot could have seen in space. He does not regret his life or any part of it, but this does not take away from the pain, trauma and p.t.s.d. from human rights abuses and the lack of respect and care for the soldier class.

Until last year 2013, Randy was dutifully keeping the secrets he was sworn to protect with his life. That’s when a former commanding officer contacted him and put him in touch with Brigadier General Smythe, of the USMC special section.

The brigadier asked Captain Cramer if he would like to go public with the blessings from his chain of command. After serious deliberation and negotiation, feeling his questions had been answered he agreed, as long as he was allowed to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Randy is continuing to retrieve his paperwork and documentation which validates that there is evidence of the Mars Defense Force, Lunar Operations Command, and Mars Colony Corporation as part of the breakaway civilization that is in continuous interaction with various ET species. It is not a black and white situation, as there are species who are considered extremely dangerous, neutral and benevolent.

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