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Moscow’s Amazing Wooden Easter Eggs Exhibition

Moscow’s Amazing Wooden Easter Eggs Exhibition

The festival of the “Spring Willow” is being held in the State Historical Museum from March 30 until April 20.

The “Willow Bazaar” used to be a traditional event held on the sixth week of Lent in pre-Revolution Russia.

The exhibition of Easter eggs is the one of the central event within the festival’s framework.

This exhibition includes a small collection of eggs made from wood. It counts over 500 wooden Easter eggs decorated with carving, painting and inlay. The collection has been forming from the late 19th century to the present day. Easter eggs used to be made ​​by popular centers and professional artists. At that time this habit was very popular, so there was no reason to collect the eggs.

Therefore, exhibits from those times are rare. The tradition ended during the times of the Revolution and was restored in the 60s of the 20th century. Folk artists picked up this spirit — among them were Subbotina, Arbuzov and Masyagina.


At the festival’s fair it is possible to buy painted eggs, cakes and also try teas made with old Russian recipes. Part of the funds collected at the fair will be transferred to the charity fund “All the world”.

The fair will last until April 5, and the exhibition in the hall until the 20th.


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