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Liberals want Control not Freedom – Floor Crossing in Alberta

Liberals want Control not Freedom – Floor Crossing in Alberta

5 Ways Liberals Try To Control You

Liberalism is an ideology that believes in control, not freedom. That’s why liberals love the federal government so much while they detest states’ rights. It allows them to bend hundreds of millions of people to their will with one imperial edict. It’s also why liberal judges don’t believe in the Constitution like conservative justices do. Sticking to one set of rules means people have freedom to do what they want as long as they adhere to the basic rules our society was formed around. A “living constitution” means you can put the force of law behind the whims of liberal judges. Why is Barack Obama so insistent on listening in on your phone calls via NSA? Because if the government can’t watch you, it can’t tell you what to do…for your own good, of course.

Granted, conservatives aren’t perfect in these areas, but at least we believe in free speech, free markets, and states’ rights. The all-encompassing, all-smothering liberal nanny state has no use for freedom. The only freedom liberals want to give people is the “freedom” to do as they’re told.

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Floor crossings have weakened Alberta’s democracy

This is a letter we’ve been wanting to write since Kerry Towle and other ‘Wildrose’ MLAs defected to the ruling PC government.

We are tired of reading how Kerry Towle said that she discussed her decision with her constituents and had their support. We were not contacted by her or her office, nor did we receive a survey asking us our opinion on the topic. Exactly what constituents did she discuss this with? Her immediate family, who would support her regardless? Yet, she was hurt by the public outrage of her decision?

We both became interested in what the Wildrose Party was saying and what it stood for, and admired the leadership of Danielle Smith. Past dealings with the current Innisfail-Sylvan Lake MLA left us distrustful of her, BUT we voted for the party — not for the person. While Kerry Towle represented the Wildrose party and her portfolio of seniors critic, we started to think that maybe she had turned over a new leaf and was sincerely interested in the welfare of others. After her betrayal to her voters, we realized that it was all for her benefit, and aren’t at all surprised by her actions. Not wanting to single her out, we address all of the turncoats as crass opportunists who wanted on board the Tory Gravy Train.

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