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Pro-Abortion Man Doesn’t Want You to Hear His Thoughts on Abortion After Giving Interview


Pro-Abortion Man Doesn’t Want You to Hear His Thoughts on Abortion After Giving Interview

What more can be said about it at this point that will make liberals change their minds regarding the murder of unborn children?

Yes, abortion is murder. Once conception takes place, a new life has formed.

No, the woman’s body isn’t solely hers once another life begins inside the womb. She now shares that body with a person who cannot yet speak up and say I don’t feel like dying before I feel the sun on my skin.

Yes, a baby feels pain when it is destroyed.

How are any of these statements not clear? Why do we allow abortion for convenience?

Whether you’re religious or not, killing an innocent is, well, there’s not even a word harsh enough to describe it.

Check out this pro-abortion man who doesn’t want you to see his responses when given to Rebel Media’s Marissa Semkiw…

From The Blaze:

The man, identified only as Alex, later reportedly sent an email to Semkiw asking that none of his responses be used in any videos or broadcasts. Rebel Media declined his request.

During the interview, Semkiw explained that some pro-life advocates would like to see abortion criminalized “up to a certain point,” not banned entirely. She then asked him if it would be OK to abort a baby one month before he or she was born.

Alex first said it’s “understandable” to want to ban abortions after eight months, but quickly reiterated that the choice should be left to a woman and her doctor “no matter what.”

Here’s Alex’s note to not air the footage…

“After consideration, I request that you DO NOT use my likeness/image on your website or any other media platform. If any footage or photos come your way with a man holding a sign that says, ‘Guess What, A Woman’s Body Is Her Own F***ing Business,” This is me.”


“Again, please do not post or use this interview in ANY capacity.”

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