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Black Man Killed in Robbery By Thugs, Black Lives Matter Hypocrites Remain Silent


Black Man Killed in Robbery By Thugs, Black Lives Matter Hypocrites Remain Silent

One of the big beefs those of us who are decent human beings have with the “Black Lives Matter” crowd is how they attempt to justify rioting, looting, and burning down an entire community over some perceived injustice, yet when it comes to black on black crime, suddenly these same lives don’t matter that much any more.

The case of murdered black man Xavier Arnold is a perfect example of the hypocrisy.

From WSV-TV:

Prosecutors said Xavier Arnold was shot and killed while walking along a bike trail in Kirkwood in 2013.

Wainwright was 14 and Qutravius Palmer was 20 when they attempted to rob Arnold, his girlfriend, Xenia Aims, and friend Ibrahim Sanusi.

Wainwright and Palmer were sentenced Tuesday morning to three life sentences plus 15 years.

Aims testified in the trial, describing the day Arnold was killed.

Aims said Wainwright shot Arnold in the head and took off, with Palmer right behind him.

Wainright said he was just doing what Palmer told him to do.

Palmer said he had nothing to do with the crime.

Aims said Sanusi told her that Palmer did egg Wainwright that day.

“He said, ‘I remember him yelling, “Shoot him, shoot him,’” Aims said.

If black lives truly matter — I tend to be of the belief all lives matter, regardless of skin color — then why aren’t these people crying out against this type of violence? Is it okay for one black person to kill another simply because they’re the same race?

I would hope the answer to that is no.

So why do they remain silent?


The folks involved in the Black Lives Matter movement at the street level are only in it for their own personal gain. They can use their fake outrage and false cries of racism to justify indulging their entitlement mentality without fear of negative consequences.

Those spurring the movement on from positions of power have a lot to gain by focusing only on the racially divisive narrative they’ve been pushing and to talk of black-on-black violence shifts things away from all of the “racism” charges being thrown around.

That undermines their ultimate goal, which is to keep folks divided by race so they can work over minorities and keep as many of them voting Democrat as possible.

It’s sad and tragic the story of a murdered man who deserves justice for what happened to him gets buried by most mainstream media, simply because his case doesn’t help push forward the progressive agenda.

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